Winds of Winter Release Date Status is Finally Announced After Several Leaks?

Fans have gotten impatient as they await the publication date of The Winds of Winter! We’re already midway through 2021 and still waiting for the book to come out! Will George R.R. Martin’s Winds of Winter be published shortly, and what can we hope from him?

Martin notified his admirers about a journey he went to the Midwest in the latest issue on his not-blog on July 16, 2021. He returned home in June, however, the post was delayed since there was a bunch of administrative work to be done. The author finished by repeating a well-known poem by Robert Frost:

“The woods were lovely, dark and deep, but I have promises to keep and books to write before I sleep.”

Is this a reference to his pledge to deliver The Winds of Winter to his fans? After everything, this year might be too much to hope for, but perhaps one day.

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George R.R. Martin released an update on Winds of Winter in April 2021. The sixth novel in the A Song of Ice and Fire book series has been postponed significantly, and George has given us even more bad news. Martin acknowledged in his most recent article on George R.R. Martin’s website Not A Blog that he will not be done with the book anytime shortly.

“I am hugely behind right now, and the prospect of trying to catch up is increasingly oppressive”, Martin wrote.

It appears that the hope of a satisfactory conclusion to the series, along with the toll of Covid-19, has produced an environment unsuitable for finishing the book.

Since about June 2021, the 71-year-old writer has confessed that he desires the books had been published sooner than the Game of Thrones series.

Martin went on to tell fans that he is thrilled to have signed a five-year Game of Thrones contract with HBO and HBO Max for completely original material.

A Song of Ice and Fire was mentioned in a 2019 post. Author George R. R. Martin explicitly authorized his followers to lock him up in a cabin on White Island if he had not completed The Winds of Winter by July 2020, when WorldCon was scheduled to take place.

Despite the in-person event in New Zealand being canceled owing to the continuing epidemic, Martin, who had provided little sign of being closer to finishing the sixth book in the A Song of Ice and Fire series, seemed to have avoided that destiny.

We had no idea that the jail he had playfully mentioned would turn out to be more than a hoax. Martin stated in another blog post written on June 23, 2020, that he is no new to the cabin fever that has afflicted many of us since March. In his situation, though, the first part of the phrase is extremely literal.

Winds of Winter Release Date
Winds of Winter Release Date

Could a Cabin Be All That Is Required for the Winds of Winter to Appear on Our Racks?

Several fans have ached for Wind of Winter upgrades throughout the years, asking why Martin is taking longer than expected to complete it. George R. R. Martin notified fans that he had been undergoing quarantine in a real cabin, which they could not have predicted a few months ago… and it appears that something positive may have sprung from it.

While somewhat sick of living alone, the 71-year-old novelist noted that he maintains a regular, if somewhat monotonous, schedule and strives to remain fit. This appears to be now paying off.

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Martin had much time to be spent with his characters now that most hassles had been gone and international travel had been replaced by Zoom calls.

As of June 2020, he was concentrating on Cersei and Tyrion Lannister, Ser Barristan Selmy, Asha Greyjoy (known as Yara in the HBO TV series), and Areo Hotah, the leader of the Martell guard. Arya Stark was also addressed, and she, as usual, aims to murder somebody. 

Martin Teased the Release of Winds of Winter in 2021

While Martin has yet to regain his amazing writing rate from the late 1990s when he started on the series’ third installment, A Storm of Swords, generating approximately 150 pages every month, fans can still rejoice.

The author expressed regret over his postponed trip to Wellington. Nonetheless, he stated his plan to return in 2021, when he thinks “both Covid-19 and The Winds of Winter will be completed.”

Any Winds of Winter 2022 Updates?

Rumors have lately flooded the internet, claiming that The Winds of Winter will be published in November 2023, as allegedly revealed by the writer. But, Martin’s website makes no mention of such a breach, and there is no authoritative source that does. If the author has made a public comment on a new release date, he should have done so discreetly.

Furthermore, even for well-known authors, predicting a thorough publication timeframe is difficult when the novel isn’t even near to completion. Edits will almost certainly be required after the manuscript is submitted. Only after the manuscript has been officially finalized can we start the countdown to the book’s arrival on our shelves.

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  1. I have already tossed my copy of my game of thrones books, considering I am pushing 70 and will likely not live to see the end of book 7 which will probably not occur until I am 80 or 81. I have a heart condition and don’t expect to live that long


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