AOC Links the Termination of the Child Tax Credit to an Increase in Violence at NYC

According to an interview published on Monday, Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., linked the growth of thefts in New York City to the end of the child tax credit at the end of the year.

Ocasio-Cortez, who just recently made waves when she anticipated a Democrat acquisition of Texas, sat down for a broad-ranging interview with the New Yorker, and the subject switched to crime in New York City.

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The Increase in Violence Is Driven by Majorly Young Men

The representative stated she has been involved in “hospitals, doctors and social workers” and was conveyed that the increase in violence is led by the young, majorly young men.

She said “And we allow the discourse to make it sound as though it’s, like, these shady figures in the bush jumping out from a corner. These are young men. These are boys. We’re also not discussing the mental health crisis that we are experiencing as a country as a result of the pandemic.”

Child Tax Credit
Child Tax Credit

She highlighted that the child tax credit, which was proved to be a savior to several families, ended on December 31, 2021 “and now people are stealing baby formula.”

The monthly tax credits were a part of the $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief package by President Biden.

Biden had offered giving extension to them for another complete year as part of a separate measure aimed at economic and social programs, but Democratic Senator Joe Manchin opposed to extending the credit out of worry that the money would dispirit people from working and that any extra federal spending would increase inflation that has already mounted to an almost 40-year high.

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“We don’t want to have that discussion. We want to say these people are criminals or we want to talk about “people who are violent,” instead of ‘environments of violence,’ and what we’re doing to either contribute to that or dismantle that.”

The New York Post reported on the day the interview was published, an Asian-American woman in New York City’s Chinatown was stabbed to death in her apartment after police confirmed that a homeless man had chased her inside her home. 


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