Constantine Season 2 Release Date & Expectations (Updated News)

In DC Comics, John Constantine is one of the most gripping characters. And that is the reason he has had both live-action and animated films and Television series outlining his narrative. Another of such adaptations was ‘Constantine: City of Demons.’ 

  1. M. DeMatteis has written the series, who has also worked on DC and Marvel comic books. It revolves around the adventures of the mystic detective since he tries to unfold the mystery of the demons who capture human souls. It is a spin-off to another animated series, ‘Justice League Dark,’ unlike live-action.

Constantine Season 2 Release Date

The announcement for Constantine season 2 never turned up as NBC terminated the program because of its weak ratings. The initial 8 episodes premiered on Friday evenings at 10 p.m. during the 2014 autumn season. 

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Constantine’s young center audience would be not able to watch the series live; the program performed quite well when audiences watched it later via DVR or streaming, but NBC ascertained that Constantine was too expensive to give justifications for its poor ratings.


The network declined to buy the rest of the nine episodes of the first season and when the series came back following its winter break, a change to Fridays at 8 p.m. in primetime did nothing to pump up the ratings. On May 8, 2015, it was announced that Constantine was canceled, but that was only the beginning of the chain-smoking warlock.

What Can We Expect From Constantine Season 2?

The narrative starts with Constantine succumbing to a monster whose name is Nergal and losing the soul of a young girl named Astra. He is the expert on the art of exorcism by understanding his mistakes. After years, Chas Chandler finds and requests his help.

Chandler’s daughter named Tricia has dug into a coma, and when Constantine reviews the scene, he receives the distinct impression that it has something to do with demons. 

With the additional inquiry, it was discovered that Tricia’s soul is being withheld by a demon called Beroul and that the woman lying in the hospital bed is just a body. The devil has also done this to many other individuals. 

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Beroul needs a favor from Constantine in return for giving back their spirits. He needs him to exorcise some more demons, which are his business rivals. Constantine has consent but can a demon ever be believed!

As it shows up, Beroul is hiding a secret, and his decision to enter into an arrangement with Constantine has far-reaching outcomes beyond his business’s profit. Constantine has to discover it before his spirit is taken away by the monster.

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