First Person RPG Game “Abermore” Launching on March 29 on PC (Latest Update)

Four Circle Interactive, the developer behind the gameplay “10 Second Ninja” which was released in 2016 for Playstation consoles and in 2021 for Nintendo Switch, has announced its next project.

Abermore is a computer-generated first-person stealth RPG inspired by games such as Dishonored and Thief. The first-person stealth RPG “Abermore” is a game in which gamers take on the role of “The Unhanged Man,” a legendary Robin Hood-esque figure who is very good at what he does, in the mysterious and surprising city of Abermore, for 18 days leading up to an adventurous heist.

The game features a “unique campaign” of robberies that are linked together and unveils new stories, challenges, and a few surprises each day. According to a press release, Abermore is arriving next month.

In Abermore, the player takes the role of a shady man planning the biggest robbery. To get the final score, the participants need to accept the challenges and tasks from the group of fellow criminals.

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To successfully finish the heist, the players need to collect equipment, protect the stolen goods, and fully rob all of the places they enter into while playing Abermore. In addition to this, the players will have access to a variety of magical abilities, thanks to magical tarot cards, as well as the power to use every weapon the players come across. 

As per the trailer, we can say that there will some new features in Abermore. It is not going to be something similar to 10-second ninja or Thief. The foremost thing which is added in this game is the “neo-Edwardian” city.

Players will be able to discover the “neo-Edwardian” city of Abermore and meet some of the interesting characters who live there. It has also been revealed that there may be some characters that will help the players to achieve the final task and reach the end.

We can assume that they will be the characters who reside in the neo-Edwardian” city, and they will help the players to reach the final goal only if they fulfill their demands. These characters may also help the players with the “ragtag crew”. Players will also be able to form alliances, craft new weapons, and trade goods for better robbery.


Abermore Official Release Date

Game lovers will be able to play this interesting RPG very soon. The First Person RPG Game “Abermore” is releasing on 29 March 2022 so gamers have to wait for only a little more than six weeks.

Abermore will face strong competition from games like Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin and GhostWire: Tokyo, but it should be a good substitute for the huge AAA budgets of those titles. While playing the game, the gamer will be looked like a shady man which is the central character of the game.

“The Unhanged Man” possesses magical powers derived from tarot cards, which are a gift from Lady Luck. 14 distinct skills will help as well as guide the players and protect them if necessary. They will indeed help them in reaching their final destination and completing the ultimate heist. Abermore will be available for PC version via Steam on 29 March. 

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Abermore Announce Trailer

The official announcement trailer of The First Person RPG Game “Abermore” has been released. The trailer reveals that this time game lover will be experiencing something which they have not experienced before.

The game is going to be an 18-day run, with a lot of twists and turns. If you haven’t watched the trailer yet, you can watch it here


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