Google Pixel 6a Release Date Status, Price, Design, Display & Specifications

The mid-range affordable mobile from Google is surely going to hit the market soon. Google Pixel 6a is designed for packing phones with the latest features but offering it at a low-price rate. Pixel lovers find the Pixel series to be one of the best Android phones.

There have been many different affordable Pixel releases such as 3a, 4a, and the latest one being 5a, mobile lovers have a lot of hope from this release.

Google Pixel is said to be the perfect competition to the iPhone. It is a premium range of Android phones that provides a luxury experience and usually, its prices are pretty high. With premium design and flawless looks, Google Pixel has won over the hearts of many.

But on the other hand, they are also concerned about the high price range and how many couldn’t afford it. So, a flagship of budget-friendly Pixels was launched and soon, we will have it. 

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Google Pixel 6a Release Date 

The A-series has been popular and new releases are on the way. If you track the previous launch dates, It will release in Q1 2022 worldwide. To be specific, Google Pixel 6a will arrive somewhere around March to May. Its predecessors, like 4a and 5a, had an August release. But it was due to a pandemic. So, nothing of that sort will happen to this release. It can be available in the market maximum by May.  

Google Pixel 6a Price

Since the main objective behind the A series is to maintain a decent price point, the Pixel series is going to be mid-range. Since the 4a currently sells at $349 and the 5a is available at $449, we hope that there will be an undercut. So, the buyers can expect the Pixel 6a price to be around $449. The final price list isn’t updated yet so will have to wait for the final confirmation.

Google Pixel 6a
Google Pixel 6a

Google Pixel 6a Design and Display Specifications

The ideas about this design have been derived from the leaks. Shadow_leaks had made an announcement that it is going to have a 6.2-inches OLED display with a 60Hz display. The refresh rate is low compared to other Android models because most of them are using 90Hz, 120Hz, and even higher. It will also feature a fingerprint scanner that will be integrated into the display.

Google Pixel 6a Cameras

For the cameras, It can have a 12MP main camera whereas a 12MP ultrawide camera. Besides, this might also be integrated with an 8MP selfie camera. There has been a downgrade in the ultrawide camera since it is using a 12MP IMX386 sensor. So, the overall quality of the images can be lower than expected. 

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Google Pixel 6a Performance and Storage

This mobile will be made featured-packed, smooth, and long-lasting. It will feature a Tensor chip and can be paired up to 8GB RAM. The mobile will run on the latest Android 12 OS. For storage, it will offer 128GB which is at par with the latest features. So, you will not be disappointed with this section.

Google Pixel 6a Battery and Charging 

The battery capacity will be somewhere around 4,500 mAh. It could have done better with the battery capacity but 4,500 mAh isn’t bad enough. In the era when fast charging is normalized, the mobile will come with a 20+W fast charging. 

With small changes and little upgrades, this can be your next mobile. The phone will be a good investment but if you can afford it, then go for Pixel 6. The release date is yet to be shared so wait for that. 

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