Overwatch 2 Beta: STATISTICS About Leaked Images!

If you have enjoyed playing Overwatch, it is quite likely that you have been waiting for Overwatch 2 for a long time. Although no news or updates surfaced about Overwatch 2s’ release date, a series of leaked images stirred up some discussions in the gaming world.

Do you know what happens when images get leaked? Fans start researching and unveiling the truth about the leaks.  

So, what was the new find? 

Overwatch 2 Leaked Images

The leaked images claim to be the screen grabs of Overwatch 2 beta prompt and fans were initially convinced that these leaked images are actually from Overwatch 2 Open Beta. 

The development of Overwatch 2 has been going on for a long time, if not forever. Fans have been eagerly waiting for the release date of Overwatch 2 and these leaked images certainly got the attention from everywhere around. 

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Rumors have already been pouring in from everywhere regarding the release date of the Open Beta of Overwatch 2. Most rumors hinted that fans can expect the Beta to be released somewhere between Late February to Early March 2022.

The new leaked screenshots came as a cherry on top of the cake for the eager fans. Not only did it give a first glimpse of the game but it also released images of 3 new heroes and the fans were quite pleased.

What Are the Leaked Images?

The first leaked image of the game is the main Overwatch screen and fans could see it alongside a banner saying Overwatch 2 open beta has arrived. There is even a button to down the beta version on this image.

In addition to the first glimpses of the game, images of the three new heroes Junker, Queen, and Mauga also surfaced in these leaks. Previously it has been confirmed that they will be a part of Overwatch 2 and along with a less popular blonde character. This has certainly excited the intense gamers. 

Overwatch 2 Beta
Overwatch 2 Beta

This unknown character has a striking resemblance to Brit who was supposed to play the lead of Prometheus. Previously it was decided that instead of Overwatch the game will be called Prometheus when it’s released.

While the images of this mysterious character were a surprise, the comments section was overflowing with her abilities in the game. Some fans have claimed she has the ability to heal, cleanse, and amplify damage with the D.Va drones she pilots.

These leaked images increased the excitement within the fans as they seem to believe the wait for Overwatch 2 Open Beta is finally over. Along with these leaks, separate leaks also surfaced showing the hero selection screen where players get to choose between the four new heroes.

In the hero selection, we can see Sojourn, “The Queen” and Magua. Although it was news for a lot of people, most gamers were not surprised as all Overwatch 2 was already planned with these characters. 

The new hero that we can see from these leaked images was that of Yokai. For the fans who have been regular with overwatch, they will find that Yokai looks like an earlier version of Sombra.

Previously, we have heard rumors that Overwatch 2 will definitely have a fox spirit reference to look out for, especially on the Kanezaka Deathmatch map. Although this leak did get a lot of attention, it doesn’t give any image or glimpses of Brit. 

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Are the Images Fake or Real? 

Now the question that will come to the minds of the fans is whether these leaks are true or flat out fake.

As the news and rumors about the leaked images started circulating online, NYXL Zenofy, a graphic designer came forward and claimed “I was working on a fan-made OW2 UI project and commissioned the amazing Axiominus to make some hero portraits for the project,”.

He went on to say that although he made the designs he was not the one who leaked them. He tweeted saying “I made the designs and posted them in a Discord server, where someone took them out of context and posted them on…4chan of all things.”

Although he did clarify the rumors, he was really pleased to see the responses from everywhere. The details and accuracy made the fans believe these are real images which made the designer feel good about his work. He even said, “Everyone who follows me knows that I do love trying to make accurate and calculated stuff,”. He is glad that people thought the designs to be real.

What Overwatch 2 will present us with is still a mystery but one thing we know for sure is the images that have surfaced online are fake and not from Overwatch 2 Open Beta. Do you want to know more? Then watch this space for any further updates. 

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