The Popular Paramount Show ‘Yellowstone’ will Now Stream on Peacock and Not Paramount+ (Recent News)

Yellowstone is a sequel to the legendary series 1883, and it has been creating records ever since its first release. It had created a record by becoming the most-watched original series during the premiere on Paramount Network.

It has gained double viewership and more third-party viewerships are still counting. However, the Kevin Costner-led series that was initially airing on Paramount Global will now be streaming on Peacock.

Why the Shift of Streaming Platforms?

The show is said to be the biggest series that has been aired on cable since 2015. A total number of 4.9 million viewers were watching it live.  

But the change in this decision has saddened many.

So, did the show’s creator choose the rival platform in the US?

Bob Bakish, the President and CEO confirmed after the two- and half-hour investor presentation and said the deal is “unfortunate”. To provide more insight, the decision as well as signing an agreement with NBCUniversal’s streamer was done much before the merger that took place between Viacom and CBS.

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So, we can guess that the decision was taken before 2019 as the announcement of the merger was done in August 2019. The approval of the merger came from National Amusements in October 2019. Thus, the deal of the merger was closed on December 4th, 2019.

But 2020 brought a big change as the update about the Yellowstone streaming deal was made public during January 2020. 

What Does the Yellowstone Update Mean for the Previous Seasons and Where Will It Be Available to Watch?

As mentioned already, NBC Universal has got the streaming rights for Yellowstone since their 2020 deal started.  

We already know how popular Yellowstone is on the cable table. In case, the viewers are willing to watch the news or old episodes, it is a bit confusing. People who are planning to binge-watch the first three seasons, have to watch it on NBC Universal’s Peacock.

To grab the attention of the viewers, the first episode will be free to watch. But you need to get a subscription to the platform for watching the rest of the series.  


Even season 4 was a major hit and it ended in January 2022. So, eventually, the fourth season may also end up on their new streaming platform. However, after the fifth season will be aired on the primetime cable and afterward, it may be returning to their new streaming partner, Peacock. Therefore, you will have all the seasons up on one of the best platforms.

Why Didn’t Yellowstone Launch on Paramount Plus?

Now, ViacomCBS’ streaming service was expanded or didn’t go under the rebranding of CBS All Access until 2021. The merger may have taken place in 2019 but it fully came into action in March 2021. If we check the date of the NBCUniversal deal, it was in 2020. So, it would have delayed the launch of Yellowstone in streaming platforms if quick actions weren’t taken.

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One good news is that ViacomCBS has the right on capitalizing Yellowstone’s success. The creator of the show Taylor Sheridan has signed a lucrative deal for all the original series like prequel 1883 and even Mayor of Kingstown. 1883 premiered on Paramount+ and made quite a profit out of it.

The series had gained a lot of viewership since maximum Yellowstone fans have streamed it for knowing the backstory of their favorite show.

So, the entire deal isn’t off because the change happened only with Yellowstone streaming services. Only time can tell if Paramount+ will win back the streaming rights from Peacock or it will go as decided. Now, that a new season is on the way, let’s get excited about that. Have you subscribed to Peacock yet?


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