ANNO: Mutationem Announces a March Release on Ps4, Ps5, and Pc: Price, & Gameplay Revealed

ANNO: Mutationem confirms its release. It is a PlayStation China Hero Project that is full of action and adventure.

The publishers of the game, ThinkingStars and PlayStation Store had made an announcement regarding the release, and this pixelated graphic style game will take you on a visual journey mixed with 2D and 3D visuals. This perfectly defines the modern-day game as the visuals are too good to be true.

ANNO: Mutationem Official Release Date & Platforms

Along with the revelation of the trailer, the publishers said that the game will be available on PS5, PS4, and even PC. It will be an interactive session and you can have the first-hand experience soon enough. The super popular game will release on March 17th and an update regarding the game is also available on the official blog of PlayStation

The press release, Lightning Games assure that the gamers can choose the voice of Anno. Its voiceover will be available in English, Japanese as well as Chinese. Any ardent gamer will take only 12 hours to come out triumphant in the game. 

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ANNO: Mutationem Gameplay

In this game, the gamer will take the role of Ann Flore who is a badass character. The entire game takes place in a cyberpunk-inspired city and along with her hacker friend Ayane, they will undertake missions to find her brother who is in a corporate-run.

It’s the pixelated aesthetic that makes this game a testament to visual excellence. Even the stylish combo-driven combat system sets a new bar of coolness. In case, the gamer isn’t fighting, then they can explore side quests and also chat with different characters through the dialogue tree.  

Explore the fringe groups, bizarre creatures, and mega-corporations. Let’s know more about the game.

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Key Features:

  • A great amalgamation of 2D and 3D gameplay. You can switch the 2D action-and-platforming anytime delve into the 3D exploration world to communicate with the inhabitants
  • The character Ann is better than anyone else. She can slash, throw grenade, ground-pound, shoot or do combos
  • A vibrant city with so many locations to explore, you can even find complicated underground structures. The player can explore any part and even unlock events 
  • You can buy, collect or simply craft, the gamer can even upgrade the skills, weapons and gears, stats, etc of the main character Ann. However, for the weapons, you need to use the chips
  • Different costume changing options are there such as a bartending outfit, sports outfit, and even a sexy black dress 

ANNO: Mutationem Preorders, Find out About the Editions & Price

The publishers didn’t want to keep the gamers waiting any longer. The pre-order section has been made live on the website for interested gamers. You can find it in the PS Store for pre-ordering.

Now, there are two editions; the standard edition and the deluxe edition. You can buy the standard edition for $24.99 and the PlayStation Plus members can avail of it for $22.49. Besides, the deluxe edition will be a little costlier. The usual buyers can order it for $34.98 but the PlayStation Plus Members will get it for $31.49.  

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For both versions, the gamers will get a PlayStation costume. However, there are exclusive perks for the deluxe edition.  

Once you order the deluxe edition, you get the game ANNO: Mutationem, a digital artbook, digital soundtrack, costume pack with two special outfits, weapon pack consisting of three special weapons that will have particle effects (you can unlock these weapons for in-game use) and finally item pack having two weapons enhance chips. With so many good updates and gifts, you will love it as a whole.

Even the trailer is out for the gamers to have an experience of the upcoming thrill. If you want to be one of those special gamers, pre-order it today for extra benefits. 


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