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Cedar Point Hiring 6,500 Seasonal Employees for Summer Season 2022


Cedar Point

As the pandemic has come to normalcy, restaurants and amusement parks are gaining momentum. Like all other businesses, Cedar Point is resuming its businesses and looking for 6,500 seasonal jobs candidates for the summer season.

Not even three months are left for the amusement park to start its business operations. It is slated to open on 7th May 2022 and people are excited after the announcement was out. This is a kind of mass recruitment since as many as 6,500 associates will be hired for different job positions. 

What Is the Cedar Point Pay?

Cedar Point officials have announced during a press release on Tuesday morning, “Seasonal associates will earn $15 per hour for most non-tipped positions. 

So, Tony Clark commented, “In 2021, our rate was $15 per hour for most positions, with a $5 per hour appreciation incentive. Associates who worked with us last season who return within six months are receiving $20 per hour in 2022. 

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It can be said that the seasonal associates will get a $15 per hour pay and it is fixed for the non-tipped position. Besides the part-time openings, there are also full-time positions. The candidates can apply for full-time management as well as operational roles that are going to take place in a different segment of the park.

It is easy to get part-time positions as there are some basic requirements. However, for the full-time openings, the hiring process will be tougher than usual. Also, the payment will be way different compared to the usual part-time positions. You may also find openings in maintenance, IT, concessions, and many other job sectors. The pay will vary for different job positions.

What Are the Cedar Point Job Positions They Are Hiring for?

The pandemic has taken a deep hit in the economy since many have lost their regular jobs. Cedar Point has a vast number of opportunities for interested candidates. We have already mentioned the full-time opportunities.

Cedar Point

But for the seasonal job positions, candidates can apply for bartenders and servers and they are tipped in this position. Others are custodial, guest services and events, ride operations, food and beverages, hotel operations, skill trade maintenance, and even the charge of taking charge of the security. The positions have a lot of responsibility.

This summer job can get exciting for those candidates who are looking for part-time opportunities.

What Are the Benefits?

There will be certain perks if you are joining the team of employees. Firstly, you are of course going to get free admission inside the park and even to Michigan’s Adventure. Next, the Sandusky Transit System can be availed for free.

So, they can travel around the park, the Sandusky area, and also to and from different locations for absolutely no cost. Moreover, eligible employees can get on-site housing facilities for making the job easier for them. There will be even certain discounts inside the park that will be revealed later. Also, the pay may have reduced from the previous quarter but still, it is decent for many.  

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Cedar Point’s Vice President, as well as the general manager, said in the news release, “Having grown up in the area and worked seasonally at Cedar Point, I know how amazing this place is for those looking for a rewarding summer job,” “On the surface, the benefits and wages are great; but on a deeper level, the connections with new friends from around the world, interactions with guests, experiences to last a lifetime and the park’s breathtaking setting make this the best place to work.”

As the summer season is going to be a lot of fun after 2 years of strict quarantine routine, citizens are excited to explore. Cedar Point is hoping to get back in business like the good old days. The previous two years have been pretty hard on the business and in summer 2022, they are hoping to change that.