Next Gen PlayStation Portable’ Concept Imagines A World Where Sony Takes On Nintendo (Updated News)

Remember Sony’s surprise entry into the handheld industry with the PSP? Many experts believed that the sleek system would end Nintendo’s domination in the portable market, and while the PSP was undeniably a financial success, it wasn’t enough to dislodge Nintendo’s DS, which sold 154.02 million items across the globe (as compared to the estimated 82 million units of the PSP).

Next-Gen PlayStation The Overview

Sony’s sequel, the PS Vita, was significantly less popular, with sales amount somewhere between 10 and 15 million — a fact that caused the Japanese technology giant to withdraw from the portable sector rather focus its energy on its traditional console line – a prudent move, given on the PS4‘s sturdy achievement.

Since that day, Nintendo has merged its residential and portable operations into a single system, the Switch, which has distributed over 100 million units since 2017.

Considering the state of the industry, it’s doubtful that Sony would contemplate returning to handsets (and is the Switch truly a ‘true’ portable console? ), but illustrators Andrea Gallarini and Nicola Pezzotti have created some idea renders of what a ‘next gen’ PlayStation Portable may look like.

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Of course, the gadget draws several features from the Switch, including a wireless charging dock that allows the console to be inserted horizontally rather than vertically, and the general look is extremely similar to Nintendo’s machine.

While this fantasy system does not appear to literally ‘dock’ with the TV, it does include connectivity that allows gamers to wirelessly send gaming to their television, enabling one player to play on the system while the other takes up a DualShock controller and utilizes the main TV screen.

Next-Gen PlayStation: Console New Ideas

While the PSP 2022 appears to be a rumor, for the time being, two designers have produced a completely new idea for the console — and it looks spectacular. This PSP 2022 prototype, which includes an HD OLED screen, a wireless charging pad, and a fresh modern design, has made us want a new PlayStation Portable as quickly as possible.

Next Gen PlayStation

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The PSP concept’s designers, Andrea Gallarini and Nicola Pezzotti disclosed on their Behance site that their concept was generated to “give value to Sony’s aesthetic and idiomatic heritage,” as well as to involve their own viewpoint of “a thing that has depicted the background of the portable consoles.”

People on Behance appear to have been pleased by the designs as well, with several responding to the idea in the comment area.

As one user put it, “You’ve done an excellent job! So good,” said one, and another added, “I truly appreciate the ways the colors and textures are mixed, as well as the process of producing the project.” “a formalized paraphrase

We’ll have to wait to keep hoping that Sony releases a next-generation PSP that’s as fantastic as this one. In the meanwhile, we’ll have to keep looking for PS5 stock or indulge ourselves in one of the best gaming systems in the industry.

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Last Words

We like how sophisticated this device appears, as well as the fact that gamers can utilize physical games, as well as downloadable ones, which adds to the machine’s nostalgic feel. We also like how the console can recharge wirelessly, but we couldn’t help but believe that the wireless charging idea is a little awkward.

While these mockups look the part and it could simply be confused for genuine Sony images, the ‘2022 PlayStation Portable‘ is unlikely to become a fact anytime in the near future.


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