Outlander’s Sam Heughan on Reshooting Scenes With Claire Fraser Due to Noticeable Bump

Outlander fans have been waiting patiently since May 2020 for the rollout of the sixth season and fortunately, the new season will soon be hitting Starz.

Actor Sam Heughan who portrayed the character of Jamie Fraser spoke about some interesting disclosures regarding filming, along with the moment his on-screen wife, Caitriona Balfe scenes had to be refilmed when her pregnancy bump became too prominent.

In an interview, while having a conversation with Wizard World, Heughan pointed out refilming scenes as one of the challenges about his co-star’s pregnancy.

Balfe who portrayed the character of time-traveling nurse Claire Fraser entered motherhood for the first time which also occurred to be when the cast was filming for the sixth season.

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Hueghan Sometimes Forgot the Baby Bump Is Real

The actor also told the crowd of loving fans, sometimes he would skip that the bump was ’real’ and was enthralled to punch it just for fun.

This most probably brought back the memories from the second season, when the duo had first conceived the daughter Brianna Fraser (played by Sophie Skelton) when Balfe took on a fake bump.

Hueghan said “When they knew, they had to move everything around so we could shoot her out before she got too big… and she got big,” adding further “She did well but we had to shoot some out of sequence.”

We shot eps one and three then had to shoot six or seven then it jumped back to four and we did a bunch of reshoots as well at the end.”

When asked whether he ever wished to poke his co-star’s belly, he replied “I didn’t poke her belly but there were times I almost forgot, cause when other actors have their baby bumps on it’s so tempting to.”

He said, “I had to remind myself ‘do not’ but I think Caitriona would have punched me back.”

While talking to ELLE, Balfe herself said that her pregnancy became the reason for difficult moments on set, when questioned she said “Pregnant for the entire season, yeah,” she added “I could’ve probably timed things a little better, but these things happen when they do.”

Also, the leading lady being pregnant, the sixth season was already set to come with a whole new set of difficulties since they were shooting the scenes from the Revolutionary War.

The actress recollected saying “I was pregnant, there was Covid, it was winter, shooting every single day for 14-hour days, it wasn’t the easiest six months, but it was good.”

Beyond the cast and crew, Balfe was able to surprise fans since she remained the news of her pregnancy confidential until she delivered her child.

Sam Heughan

She disclosed the news on the Variety Awards Circuit podcast when she said that working on Kenneth Branagh’sBelfast’ encouraged her to take the hop into motherhood.

Before sharing the truth that she was pregnant “not long after” production for the film had completed.

Balfe then proceeded to announce the birth of her child via Instagram and shared a black and white photo of her newborn’s hand with the caption “We are so grateful for this little soul.”

Balfe Praised Costume Designer Trisha for Keeping Her Pregnancy Hidden

During the 2021 NYCC Outlander team, the actress praised Outlander’s costume designer Trisha Biggar for withholding her pregnancy concealed on camera.

Balfe said, “Trisha did an amazing job, Trisha worked with getting the costumes early, slightly bigger looking and more voluminous so that we could hide things under.”

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Showrunner Maril Davis cautioned since they shot out of sequence there could be moments where her bump could be more evident.

Davis said “I think no matter what we do, now people know, I think people will be looking for it. We might use some creative solutions to try to fix some things, but she looked amazing throughout. And it all works.”

Outlander Season 6 Release Date

The sixth season of Outlander is set to premiere on Sunday, March 6 on Starz.

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