Ted Lasso Inspired a Crisis at Manchester United

Ted Lasso, who is the spoof character of Jason Sudeikis has become an Emmy-winning hit, with Ted’s allure and wit warming the hearts of players and staff at AFC Richmond (with one remarkable exception). But at first, many players didn’t regard the American following when he arrived in Europe, with the opinion that he was out of touch with the culture and the sport of soccer.

But in a scenario of life imitating art, legendary British soccer club Manchester United now has its crisis which carves very closely to the initial days of Ted Lasso. ESPN says Manchester United players are even calling one of their new coaches “Ted Lasso.”

It can be understood why Ted got flak when the Richmond job dropped by. He had not enough experience with professional teams and he just knew about American football.

It was totally upon his assistant Coach Beard to teach him about the rules of European soccer and the operation of the league. That deficiency of knowledge led players to mock him. They somehow felt disregarded, hating his drills, accent, and the “Yankee attitude” that didn’t suit England.

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Ted Lasso Not Using the Proper Training Methods

Ted was fully in at the deep end. He wasn’t making use of the appropriate training methods, rather entirely dependent on heart, soul, and pep talks to encourage his squad. Sadly, even after captain Roy Kent got the team to rally behind the coach, their outcomes were so bad and they degraded.

A similar culture battle is coming about in the real world at Manchester United with ex-American international Chris Armas. Surprisingly, the 49-year-old was signed as Manchester United’s assistant to the new head coach Ralf Rangnick last year, in December, after getting a victory in just 2 among his 15 games as head coach of Toronto FC, and never having any coaching experience in Europe ever before.

Ted Lasso

According to ESPN, there is a split in the Manchester United locker room that revolves around the coaches. Rangnick has purportedly left majorly coaching to Armas and players have jokingly begun to address Armas as “Ted Lasso” for not having enough coaching experience beyond North America.

They also opine that when Rangnick is coaching, his ways of making them learn are “old-fashioned” and not the appropriate fit for the team, which is weakening far below hopes.

Armas Has Much More Experience Having Played for the LA Galaxy, Chicago Fire, and Two National Teams

It’s not relatively an appropriate comparison, as Chris Armas is not the head coach of Manchester United the way that Ted Lasso is at the top of the pyramid at AFC Richmond. Armas also carries much more experience with soccer as compared to Ted did at the beginning of Ted Lasso since he has played for the LA Galaxy, Chicago Fire, and two national teams.

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But it is an amazing flip of events, and seeing what occurred on the Apple TV plus series, being called “Ted Lasso” might not be an indignity. Ted cares about his team and they turned to care about him, as visible in the Christmas short film, even if Nate ended up taking an exit. Perhaps Manchester United will drop by Armas also.

It’s still a better environment to work in than the one in Apple TV plus’s forthcoming series Severance.

Both the seasons of Ted Lasso are streaming on Apple TV plus. 


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