The Last Kingdom Season 5 Trailer: Uhtred Returns to Bebbanburg

The first official trailer for The Last Kingdom season 5 has been dropped online, and also confirms the release date of the show along with giving us the first glimpse of what the climactic chapter has in store for Alexander Dreymon’s Uhtred of Bebbanburg.

The series is prepared to make another time-jump for its fifth and last season since the trailer starts by disclosing there have been “many years” of peace between Saxons and Danes.

Although, this serenity is prepared to be disturbed with the return of Brida (played by Emily Cox), who is now heading a terrifying army of warriors and takes an oath to take revenge on Uhtred for what she sees as his betrayal.

The Last Kingdom Season 5 Release Date

The trailer disclosed that the last season of The Last Kingdom will come out on 9 March 2022, Wednesday.

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The Last Kingdom Season 5 Trailer

On February 11, 2022, an official trailer was released for The Last Kingdom Season 5. Here’s the link below to watch the official trailer of the fifth season of the series.

It has earlier been said that Uhtred will go through “immeasurable loss” in the fifth season and this teaser indicates what type that could take, with a scene signaling that his son could be amongst the first victims of Brida’s attack.

A wounded Young Uhtred (played by Finn Elliot) moves clumsily towards his father at a memorable scene, whilst later we get to hear that daughter Stiorra (played by Ruby Hartley) tell him: “What your destiny has brought me are pain and grief.”

It isn’t just Danes that King Edward (played by Timothy Innes) has to concern about, since Aethelhelm (played by Adrian Schiller) keeps a vicious presence in his court, ostensibly fueling the flames of revolution in these last episodes.

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The Last Kingdom Season 5

He says grimly “Nothing is as effective as the stench of death.”

Thankfully, his effort to murder Lady Aelswith (played by Eliza Butterworth), the king’s mother, turned out to be unsuccessful since she comes back to provide support and talk to her son in this teaser.

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It will be hardly required since the late King Alfred’s dream of a united England is closer than ever before, yet staggering on the verge of collapse amidst all this chaos.

Season 5 of The Last Kingdom will also have Uhtred return to his ancestral land of Bebbanburg to make one last effort to claim it back from his disloyal cousin.

The trailer ends with Brida illustrating “this is where the journey ends”, though that isn’t precisely true provided that a sequel movie titled Seven Kings Must Die is confirmed to be on the pipeline.

So, once again note it, season 5 of The Last Kingdom is available to watch on Netflix from Wednesday, March 9, 2022.

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