With the Town Hall Post-mortem, Ea Recognizes Battlefield 2042’s Failure

DICE’s “Battlefield 2042” is a first-person shooter game published by Electronic Arts.  It was released in 2021 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X and S.

It is the 17th installment in the Battlefield franchise. Battlefield 2042, apart from previous games in the series, has a multiplayer mode and does not have a single-player mode. It also supports cross-platform play, which is indeed a unique feature of this series.

Battlefield 2042 received mixed reviews from critics and a negative response from players upon its release because When the name of a makeup product for a playable character referred to the Little Green Men from the Russo-Ukrainian War, the series sparked some debate.

DICE stated that the reference was not deliberate and the name of the makeup product would be changed in the future because it “doesn’t represent the values of our team. 

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In its latest internal ‘Town Hall’ meeting call, which was held on February 15, 2022,  EA finally admitted the disappointing launch of Battlefield 2042. The aim of these quarterly calls is to provide important updates on the business to the entire company by analyzing the past, present, and future. 

One of the most important points from today’s call was the emphasis on Battlefield 2042. EA executives spent more than 20 minutes discussing what went wrong with the launch, as well as what will be the future of Battlefield 2042 and the Battlefield franchise.  

Reasons for the Failure of Battlefield 2042 Stated by Ea’s Chief Studios Officer in the Discussion

EA’s Chief Studios Officer, Laura Miele, stated: “it is really important to acknowledge what we have missed.” “This is certainly the case with the Battlefield launch, which failed to meet the expectations of our players and also clearly missed our own expectations“. 

Battlefield 2042
Battlefield 2042

She continued the speech on Battlefield 2042 by recognizing EA’s great success, both in the past and present. She outlined a few major aspects that EA’s top management think contributed to Battlefield 2042’s failures and what all gathered a huge amount of negative response from the players. 

“One factor was the Frostbite engine and, due to its old tech, the massive update it went through in order to power Battlefield 2042. “According to my sources, this alone took more than 18 months to develop”, Laura Miele added. 

For the engine, Miele stated, “All new tech, it was basically a new engine. They returned. They had to go back and update the Frostbite version they were using. So it was basically re-engineering the game”.   

Another major reason stated by Miele which contributed to the failure of Battlefield 2042, and one that should come as a no shock, is the work-from-home atmosphere that many in the company are currently dealing with.

She stated, “Add all of this new innovation, all of this ambition for the new project, and then you add a global pandemic halfway through the project, where the game teams had to work from home, and we ended up with more new variables in development than we had ever experienced before”

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She further stated “The bug count ratio in Battlefield 2042 reached “historic levels for a DICE game,” and mock reviews prior to the actual launch were in the “high 70s to low 80s.” 

Regardless, Battlefield 2042 appears to be in good hands now. Byron Beede, Rebecka Coutaz, Christian Grass, Marcus Lehto, and Vince Zampella are great programmers, but as we all know actions matter rather than words. Therefore we will keep you informed as a lot is going on in Season 1 of Battlefield 2042


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