Annabelle in Cruel Summer Is More Important Than You Would Think

Freeform’s teenage drama, Cruel Summer has made the life of the teenage protagonists pretty difficult when one suddenly went missing. It may remind you of the popular teenage drama, Pretty Litter Liars but this story is far different from that.

Mainstream media seems to be pretty obsessed with teenage dramas and Cruel Summer is a gem in this list. But critics now say that the character Annabelle is much more important than we had initially thought.  

So, what’s the plot and how is Annabelle important? Let’s get deep into the plot.

Cruel Summer Storyline

The story mainly focuses on two teenage girls namely Kate Wallis played by Olivia Holt and Jeanette Turner played by Chiara Aurelia. In 1993, Kate suddenly went missing and no one had any clue of her whereabouts. Meanwhile, Jeanette starts living the life of Kate. The guy whom Kate was dating started mixing with Kate’s old friends.

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But things took a different turn when Kate came out alive in 1995. Further twist starts here as Kate says Jeanette was present there while she was abducted and she didn’t prevent that from happening. This came as a shock to the viewers but there was more to unveil. 

Throughout the series, you will come across two different perspectives and it will be highlighting different time periods. The truths and lies are still not clear. As a matter of fact, there are several mysteries that are yet to be uncovered. In one such mysterious story, Kate reveals about a girl called Annabelle

Cruel Summer
Cruel Summer

Who is Annabelle?

While narrating the story Kate mentions a person named Annabelle who was present during the Wallis’ annual hunting trip that took place in 1995. Kate uses this name while talking about the fireside story which even had many similarities with her abduction story.

Kate was kidnapped by a man with the name Martin Harris. It might feel like a random choice of name but this was proven wrong when audiences hear her name again. 

In Kate’s therapy tapes, we hear about her story with Annabelle. Even while talking to the therapist, Kate said that she still doesn’t remember much about Annabelle in spite of meeting her. In episode five, we see Kate thinking and doodling Annabelle’s name while she was constantly listening to the therapy tapes. 

Annabelle was the girl whom she met while locked in Martin’s basement. But that’s not the end of the story. After Martin abducted Kate, he even takes Annabelle downstairs. Meanwhile, it seemed like Martin was planning to kill Kate, however, Kate and Annabelle later shoot Martin and free themselves.

This was quite a traumatizing experience for Kate and that’s why maybe, the memory of Annabelle was fading with time.  

So, now you know that Anabelle is just not a fictional character. Many theories were there regarding this like people thought that Kate was suffering from dissociative identity disorder, Annabelle is a paranormal character or an accomplice.

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Finally, the back story is out and you surely can come to peace that there isn’t any dark mystery revolving around it. But is there something more to it? Or there are more truths that will be uncovered?  

Cruel Summer is renewed for season 2. Thus, fans are hoping to get a lot of questions answered. In fact, the renewal of season 2 was announced much before the season 1 finale aired. Creator Bert V Royal has planned to keep the mystery growing and fans will love each and every sequence.

The date of renewal hasn’t been announced as of now but we hope that is 2022. Are you waiting for the upcoming season? And did you get all the answers regarding Annabelle? Only season 2 can tell you more.


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