Baldur’s Gate III Confirms “Around a Year Left in Development” Before Releasing Early Access

Baldur’s Gate 3 has been on the cards for release for a significantly long period of time. Since October of 2020, this highly anticipated game has been sitting in early access and no signs of the official launch have surfaced yet. As heard from the developers of Larian Studios, it is certain that Baldur’s Gate 3 is going to be in early access for some more time.

The recent panel interview with the director of Baldur’s Gate 3 Swen Vincke revealed some interesting news of the game’s future. He said “We’re at the end stage of development, but we will still release a number of patches.

We think we have about a year left of development at this point. So, it’s not going to be for the next couple of months at 1.0 stage, but we’re dealing with burndown charts that are going down rather than up.”

While the talks surrounding the release, the date is still a suspense. Larian Studios is looking at a full launch of Baldur’s Gate 3 only in 2023.

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 Baldur’s Gate III: 7th Patch Release Date

The developers have recently released the seventh big patch and this includes some serious improvements and features that we can’t wait to see. With the seventh patch, there will be a new class, massive UI upgrades, and players can even pick up and throw objects directly at the enemies or just in the environment.

With all of these interesting updates happening, fans cannot wait for the release but it doesn’t look like the game will be out of Early Access any time before 2023.

The 7th patch introduces Barbarian with two sub-class paths called Wildheart and Berserker. Once the player reaches level 3, you will have the ability to select one of the sub-paths.

If you are playing in Berserker, you will unlock Frenzied Strike and Enraged throw along with more power to throw. With proper understanding and ability, players will get the chance to do two attacks in every round even when they are just in level three. 

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However, if you choose to go with the Wildheart sub-class, it gives you the ability to attune with animals. Players will get the Speak with Animals spell and choice of different animals like a Bear, Eagle, Elk, Wolf, or a Tiger.

Each animal has its own ability and power that you can use to take over your enemy. While the Bear Heart unlocks Unrelenting Ferocity, with EagleHeart players will get more maneuverability and unlock Diving Strike. 

The Elk increases the movement speed by 50%, Tiger enhances your attacking ability and jumps and finally, the Wolf is all about buffing the opponent.  

These updates with the 7th patch are definitely something we all have been looking forward to and waiting for. Although things are getting delayed, we can be certain when Baldur’s Gate 3 finally launches, it will be crazy in its own way.

What Do the Creators Have to Say?

With this time, they have in hand, both Larian Studios and Swen Vincke want to put all their focus on enhancing the overall quality of the game. It’s important the game meets all the internal quality benchmarks before it is ready to leave Early Access. The 7th patch however is aimed at doing those major overhauls and UI changes that will take the game in the right direction. 

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As expressed by Larian, their goal with the game is to ensure it meets the quality bar rather than the timeline. While the studio understands fans are eagerly waiting for a long time for the release date, Larian has ensured it will only be released when the game meets the quality goal they have set for themselves. 

What do you have to say about the expected delay? Will it meet the expectations? We are sure, the new updated features will surely give a premium feel to it.

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