James Gunn Claims That Peacemaker Is Bisexual Because of John Cena

HBO Max’s Peacemaker just revealed that Christopher Smith is bisexual, and James Gunn has thanked John Cena for making that decision about his character.

In an interview with Empire magazine, landing newsstands on February 17, per SlashFilm, James Gunn, who is the creator of Peacemaker disclosed that the concept to change the series’ titular anti-hero into a bisexual character was one that evolved naturally when John Cena entered back into the character of the aggressive vigilante to lead his solo show on HBO Max.

Gunn said “Peacemaker is an interesting character because he’s so f*****-up in so many ways, and then in other ways, he is kind of weirdly forward-thinking,” adding further “John does improv all the time, and he just turned Christopher Smith into this hyper-sexualized dude that is open to anything sexually.

I was surprised by that. But I thought, ‘I guess it makes sense that this guy isn’t one-dimensional.”

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Cena ascertained that Peacemaker would be bisexual by flashing on the history of his role and the hardships that he went through during his gloomy upbringing, which is when the recognition hit that his past experiences would most probably have widened his mind and made him “willing to do anything” to a certain scope.

James Gunn
James Gunn

Gunn said “We see in the show that he doesn’t have any issues with sexuality,” admitting that the series gave more than a few indications about Peacemaker’s bisexuality before confirmation coming out in the penultimate episode.

As long as you’re not f****** animals — that he’s not into. But besides that, he’s pretty open. And yet other things he’s completely close-minded on.

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Peacemaker’s bisexuality was addressed in a line of dialogue from his father, the evil White Dragon, in the seventh episode, “Stop Dragon My Heart Around,” which premiered on February 10. IGN gave the rating of 8 out of 10 to the episode, calling how “the characters have grown individually and as a team, developing into a group that just might be capable of saving the world.”

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