Risk of Rain 2: All of the Void Fiend’s Abilities and Skills

Risk of Rain 2 will be having yet another new Survivor when Void Fiend lands in the Survivors of the Void DLC. This will be yet another new option to play as provides players with even more options when it comes to attempting to prevail against those heavy waves of rivals.

Void Fiend has been immensely corrupted, and his playstyle is all regarding balance and risk vs reward.

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All Void Fiend’s Competence and Abilities in Risk of Rain 2

  • His different mechanic, Void Corruption, provides an immense power pump and impacts Void Fiend’s other abilities. Corruption is raised by taking damage and declined by healing but is always steadily crawling higher and higher. Once your Corruption arrives at 100 percent, Void Fiend turns into a more violent form. 
  • Corruption is also Void Fiend’s curing mechanic: you will be required to spend Corruption to cure Void Fiend, continuously harmonizing between healing and damage-coping to prevail. 
  • Each of Void Fiend’s four skills has hysterically different impacts based on his form at the time.
Risk of Rain 2
Risk of Rain 2
  • In Void Fiend’s contained form, Drown fires a slowing long-range beam for 300 percent damage. In his corrupted form, Drown turns into a short-range rapid-fire beam that tears and rips through your enemies stupid enough to invade you.
  • Flood fires a plasma missile for 600 percent damage and can be stirred up to deal 1100 percent damage. When Corrupted, Flood fires immediately at 1100 percent damage and also has twice the explosive radius. 
  • Trespass, in your contained form, transforms Void Fiend into the void, removing all debuffs and leading you forward at an upward angle; it’s good for fleeing difficult situations or arriving on higher ground. When Corrupted, Trespass emerges as a vicious leap forward, enabling you to rapidly cover the distance and get to damage-dealing whilst up close and personal.  
  • With Void Fiend, everything comes at a cost, and Suppress carries the key to keeping whichever form you like to be in. In your controlled form, you use 25 percent Corruption and turn it into immediate 25 percent healing, and when Corrupted, you use 25 percent of your health to rather boost your corruption by 25 percent.

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