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Valorant New ‘Undercity’ Skin Line Has Been Leaked

The all-new VALORANT skin line collection has been leaked before its official release. Even though the leak was unfortunate and unforeseen, the players are thrilled to have an update of the Undercity skin line.

This version will have new upgrades including the updates of Melee weapons and so much more. After the leak, the gamers have started counting the hours before the official launch. The first reaction of the viewers said it all. The happy reactions proved that this leak has not killed the suspense for bad. 

Valorant is quite a stylish game. Be it the Agent Designs or anything for promotional material, the Riot Games ensured to make the game’s style its USP. So, these new cosmetics are going to level up the looks of the game. Thus, the leaks have given much more clarity.  

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Valorant Undercity Leaks 

It was @ValorLeaks that Leaked the New Bundle named Undercity. In less than 24 hours, the tweet got thousands of likes on Twitter. Well, the leaks had a lot to reveal. Firstly, the entire bundle is leaked that displays the full skin collection.

These are namely Phantom, Bulldog, melee, Judge, and even Phantom. The verified leaked account also leaked a clip that showed a gamer handling the melee weapon and also had a knife as well as an icepick-style axe.

Well, the color scheme has a similarity to that of the famous Glitchpop collection. However, there is a slight difference as the latest one features a static image that shows a cyberpunk-sequence skyline. Now, you can spot a wanted poster featured in the skyline and it seems like a Victoria Vector.


So, the guess is that Vector is present in the foreground given in the Undercity image. Even in the recently uploaded Jett music video named “Can’t Slow Me Down”, we see Vector’s image reappearing time and again. The song was released on the YouTube channel of VALORANT Korea.  

Now, there is so much uncertainty since fans are confused if Victoria Vector is just a character who will be introduced as a new agent or it is just a fictional character that is made to create hype surrounding the upcoming skin line.  

To brief, the leaks suggest that the Undercity bundle will have: 

Valorant Gameplay

The Valorant, Riot’s FPS, rose to success soon after its release in 2020. It is all about the combination of tactical shooting mechanics and even ability-based gameplay. We have already said that it is the epic cosmetics which has upscaled the beauty of the game. 

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Valorant Undercity Skin Bundle & Price

The good news, the leak may come as a surprise but the Undercity skin bundle will release on February 16th. It will be available as a Premium Edition and priced at 7100 VP. So, the gamers will get immediate access to all the newly launched cosmetics.  

The other bundle prices of VALORANT Undercity are pretty much similar to each other. Undercity Phantom, Undercity Judge, Undercity Classic, and Undercity Bulldog are available at 1775 VP. Whereas, the Undercity Melee is retailing at 3550 VP.

Now for the Melee skin, all feature a level 2 upgrade for better efficiency. The axe, as well as blade-style knives, are going to give extra leverage in the game.

There are so many new features and skins available for the 2022 game. This will be a colorful experience in which the gamers will fully dive. Such an immersive experience gives you all the reasons to buy the latest Undercity skins. Once the skins are up for release, you just need to purchase the one you love the most. Which one are you planning to buy?