Two Former CFL Quarterbacks Have Parts in Kurt Warner’s Film American Underdog

American Underdogs released in the theatres already during Christmas. The film was released on the Christmas of 2021 and fans are loving every bit of it. It is a true story based on Kurt and Brenda Warner which is now also available on digital platforms.

Many fans are claiming that this film is changing millions of lives, in fact, bringing back families together. But did you know that two former CFL quarterbacks were also a part of this beautiful film?

The first one is obviously Anthony Calvillo and the other is Tanner Marsh. Staying true to the origin of the film was very important and the makers had done justice to it.

American Underdog Story

The inspiration behind the story of the film American Underdog: The Kurt Warner Story is the memoirs that the two-time NFL MVP has written. These are namely All Things Possible: My Story of Faith, First Miracle Season, and also Football.

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All of these books are Warner’s bestselling books which are basically a memoir of his life. It is a true story of Kurt and Brenda Warner that we see in this cinematic masterpiece. 

The story shows how things turned out with the support of Kurt’s wife Brenda. Kurt Warner started with stocking shelves in a local grocery store. But his wife Brenda wasn’t ready to make him give up on his dreams.

She pursued him to play in the NFL and soon, he was drafted by the Rams. The success story starts here as he ends up in the Hall of Fame and also leads to Super Bowl-winning quarterback.

American Underdog
American Underdog

Big names of Hollywood, Zachary Levi is popularly known as Shazam and Oscar winner Anna Paquin played the lovely Warner couple who shared a bond more than love. The story had so much depth, it is about winning the battles together, overcoming the struggles, and having faith as well as commitment in the process.

As of now, they are married to each other for almost 30 years and have a total of seven children. 

After the huge success of the film, the audiences were surprised to know that two former CFL quarterbacks were in the movie. As we have already revealed the name, what were the roles of these two? 

Details About the Roles of Two Former CFL Quarterbacks 

Firstly, we see Anthony Calvillo playing the role of the famous quarterback in the movie. So, we can see Anthony in the film itself. However, Tanner Marsh, who was a part of the La Belle Province was there in the film as an extra guy.

Not any normal extra guy, he was an extra for Kurt Warner or the Kurt Warner double in the film. During the scenes where the audiences will see Kurt throwing the ball or making master moves, it was Marsh doing it to attain perfection in the scenes. 

“Originally, coming in I was an extra for Kurt Warner, any scene you see Kurt Warner throwing the ball, most of the time, it’s Will. Instead of me just being the Kurt Warner double, I got the opportunity to be basically the quarterback that would be the one benched by Kurt Warner, I was usually the backup guy.” 

Tanner was in Dallas when he got the call and the film was being shot in Oklahoma City. He was contacted for paying Kurta double and Tanner said, “Yes, I’ll gladly do that,’ I said. I got out there, and although a lot of the men stayed for a month or a month and a half, I just stayed for two weeks.” 

Marsh was quite Candid in an interview and also sang praises about Zachary Levi. 

“Luckily, we had Zachary Levi who is a good actor and just a good human being,” “I have this sign on my desk — this is pretty cool — Zachary Levi gave this to all of us quarterbacks when we finished up.”

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Quite a fanboy moment you must say.

If you are thinking about his pay, Marsh was paid $200 per day during the practice sessions whereas $350 per day during filming. Sometimes he charged more and it totally depends on the hours he had spent filming the film.  

The film has done good business and the extra was also beyond brilliant. If you haven’t seen the film yet, then we recommend you watch it now. It’s full of emotions, inspiring, and it’s filled with love. Relieve the golden period through this film!


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