White Lotus’ Lukas Gage Joins You as a Season 4 Series Regular

After the success of the latest season of You, Netflix renewed the show for the 4th season! And reportedly there has been a major addition to the cast of the upcoming season. Lukas Gage who has previously starred in blockbuster shows will be playing a major role in You Season 4.

His greatest hit was the show ‘White Lotus’ and he was also present in the first season of Euphoria. It seems like the future is quite bright for the star! The news was revealed via an official tweet and the netizens went gaga over it considering the kind of characters he has played in the past, his new character in ‘You’ will also be the same to some extent.

So, what does that mean? Is Joe going to die in You Season 4? Well, you’ll find out later in the article! 

The third season of You was a major heartbreaker for the fans of Love Quinn. (Spoiler Alert) Even though throughout the whole season they lived happily Joe ended up murdering her. Many thought that the story ends here but obviously, Joe has to suffer for his grave actions.

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He has killed his son’s mom now how will he raise him all alone? Especially the kind of lifestyle that he has there will come a lot of problems for him. Obviously to continue with the story the writers had to introduce an equally unhinged character into the story. And this addition seems to be White Lotus’ star, Lukas Gage

White Lotus’ Lukan Gage New Character in You Season 4

He’ll play the role of Adam who happens to be the youngest son of a wealthy East Coast magnate. In the official words his character is described like this: 

“Famous for spectacularly failing to meet the standards of his successful, venerable family. An entrepreneur and a gambler, Adam is a warm and funny party host and fast friend. But underneath, Adam is hiding a trove of secrets and papering over problems with heavy self-medication. Determined to prove himself, Adam’s taking big, risky swings, living by the truism that a good businessman does absolutely anything he can get away with. Does he love his wealthy, titled girlfriend, or is he using her? There’s no doubt he’s manipulating his friends; the only question is how far he’d go.”

White Lotus' Lukas Gage
White Lotus’ Lukas Gage

Well, it looks like he is no different than Joe Goldberg and the two will take the 4th season of You to a next level of craziness. Adam is one of those typical characters who are from a settled family and never fail to disappoint their family despite their privileges. He’ll play Joe Golderbg’s nemesis. So, things are about to become a lot more interesting and spicier! 

If you’re wondering where have you seen the star before. Well, we got you! Here are all the shows that he has previously starred in:

  • Down Low (he co-wrote it himself)
  • In the role of Dillon in “White Lotus”
  • As Tyler Clarkson in “Euphoria”
  • In Peacock’s Angelyne
  • And in Hulu’s Love, Victor

As far as the pictures of the character are concerned. Netflix has not revealed anything of this sort. And don’t expect the set pictures to come out any soon because the third season ended recently. And most probably the filming for the third season hasn’t even begun yet. So, you’ll have to remain patient.

Joe Goldberg will yet again be the main character. And the story will revolve around something that he’ll do in the upcoming season. As Love Quinn is dead, Victoria Pedretti won’t be a part of the 4th season.

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Unless she returns in the flashback scenes because Guinevere Beck (Elizabeth Lail) and Candace Stone (Ambyr Childers) also came back for the following seasons despite their characters being dead. Other actors who are expected to return are; Tati Gabrielle (as the librarian Marienne), young Joe, his biological mother, and other recurring actors as well. 

White Lotus’ Lukas Gage Release Date of You Season 4

Netflix has not yet disclosed the official release date for the 4th season. However, expect it to premiere somewhere in 2023. There is no trailer or any sort of footage for it either. But as the show has been greenlit for the 4th season we know that we are in the safe zone! 


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