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Fruits Basket Prelude: When and Where Can You Watch It Online in the United States?

Anime is now ruling over the world. Manga series like Natsuki Takaya’s Fruit Basket is getting their animated movie. Fruit Basket Prelude is all about romance but filled with drama. It can be regarded as the final installment of the popular Fruit Basket franchise.

The manga first entered the hearts of the fans in 1988 and it continued till 2006. So, your long-awaited release is finally going to bring some peace to your life. 

What Is the Story of Fruit Basket Prelude? 

The story shows the life of an orphan girl named Tohru Honda. She soon became a part of the Sohma family. But there is a deep secret of the family, every member is heavily possessed by a distinctive Chinese Zodiac. What does this mean? Well, the family members will transform into specific Zodiac animals during particular circumstances. 

Last year, at the end of Season 3 Episode 13, it was announced that the next release is going to be in 2022. Truly, the creators stood up to its words. This film can be the end of this beautiful saga that fans have been loving since day one. 

However, there is one thing to note, the film will not have any new content. It will be briefing the entire TV anime in this film. You will get to know a lot about Tohru’s parents, their interesting backstory, and how Kyoko as well as Katsuya eventually met. 

On the other hand, the original anime wasn’t the first adaptation. It was the second adaptation of the highly popular manga. The first-ever adaptation was created by studio Deen and had only 26 episodes. So, the second adaptation gave a clearer picture and the film is just going to show everything that you have been wanting to know for so long. 

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The film was announced along with a teaser. You can call it more of a recap of this beautiful journey. It also highlighted how Tohru’s parents got smitten with each other and fell in love. So, it is surely going to share some extra content that we weren’t aware of all this while. 

Fruit Basket Prelude Release Date

You do not have to wait for a month or more. The Fruit Basket Prelude is out in the theatres in Japan on February 18, 2022. However, it hasn’t been released worldwide and there isn’t any news about it yet. 

Fruits Basket Prelude

Where to Watch It Online in the US?

After its theatrical release, international fans are hoping to watch it online. But sadly, there isn’t such an update about the online release. It isn’t even available outside Japan. But Funimation, the creators, may launch the film internationally after a while. Since it has not been even a week, no one can confirm anything about the online release. So, you have to wait a little more. 

Fruit Basket Prelude Success

The film has been a massive hit. Over 20,000 tickets were sold in just the first two days and the movie made around 33 million yen, US$ 287,000 in those two days. Now, the fans can also avail it as a Blu-ray at the cinema outlets where the film currently premiered. But one thing that must be noted is that the film is airing on 25 screens across Japan. So, getting an online release after having such a huge success can be predicted. 

Fruit Basket Prelude did live up to the major expectations that the fans had from the release. One couldn’t have hoped for more. The one drawback is that the fans have no update about its online release. But we are sure that the news of the online release is going to come soon. So, who all are hoping to watch it as soon as it releases?

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