RTX 4090 TDP Leaks Gave the Sign of a Potential Release Date Status, Price, Specs, and Supported Games 

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On February 23, 2022, i.e., yesterday the news broke out regarding the release of RTX 4090 TDP. RTX 4090 TDP (AD 102) is the upcoming generation of Nvidia GPUs. After quite a long time the news related to the specs, price, and release date of the RTX 4090 TDP and RTX 4000 series has been leaked. The news was leaked by an anonymous person on Twitter. 

RTX 4090 TDP Release Date

In the leak, more accurate and precise date of the launch of RTX 4090 TDP has been provided. The person mentioned in the tweet that the RTX 4090 TDP will be released in September 2022. Earlier it was expected that the upcoming series i.e., RTX 4090 TDP would also launch by the end of 2022 just like previous other series as they were also released by the end of their respective release date years.

In addition to that, the dates of the previously released series are namely Pascal, which was released in May 2016, then Turing which was released in September 2018, and Ampere which was released in May 2020. Hence after looking at the previous date patterns the expected probable date of release is likely to be September 2022. 

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RTX 4090 TDP Specs and Requirements

RTX 4090 TDP would provide a speed of 2.3 gigahertz to 2.5 gigahertz. It is based on Lovelace AD 102 GPU which would be capable of delivering around 66.4 TFLOPs in FP32 at the speed of 1.8 gigahertz. Whereas the previous one, 3090 was supposed to provide 35.6 FLOPs in FP32.

The RTX 4090 TDP would need an astounding power supply of one thousand and five hundred watts. This power requirement is quite higher than the ones needed for the previously released top market cards.

Whilst the RTX 3090 TDP has a card power of three hundred and fifty watts with a power supply requirement of seven hundred and fifty watts. If this leaked information about the power requirement is accurate then it would most likely be that the new series would require a double power supply than the previous ones to run effectively. 

RTX 4090 TDP
RTX 4090 TDP

RTX 4090 TDP Cost Analysis

Since the power requirements of RTX 4090 TDP are much higher than any other previously launched cards, it would be quite costly. The cost of the Power Supply Unit (PSU) would be around three hundred and fifty dollars at least in the market.

For the card, if it would be available at the same price as that of the RTX 3090 TDP then it would cost approximately one thousand and five hundred dollars. It is also possible that the TGP of RTX 4090 TDP would reach eight hundred and fifty watts with the probability of three different models with the same die.

Also, it is still unclear whether one model would have three different TGP ranges or there would be three models with three individual TGP ranges. But for sure the TGP ranges would be four hundred and fifty watts, six hundred and fifty watts, and eight hundred and fifty watts. Yet again these are not the final and authorized information so there is a chance of some sort of deviation or alteration.

In the end, hoping that the news regarding the release date of RTX 4090 TDP is true, and people would just have to wait for six more months. However, it relies and depends on the production and supply of the card chips and GPUs. Well, whether a more wait is required or not, it would be disclosed by September 2022 only.

Till then the interested ones should start doing the market surveys to have a better and exact idea of the total expenditures for the installation of this entire system. Whether RTX 4090 TDP would be better than the previous cards or not, the reviews would reveal this answer too sooner or later. 

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