TwitchCon 2022 Is It Officially To Be Celebrated in Amsterdam and San Diego

Twitchcon 2022 is a biennial convention for game streaming enthusiasts, gamers, and experts. It is coming to San Diego in real life in 2022. The convention made a big announcement that the next installment of TwitchCon will be in July 2022 in Amsterdam and then in October 2022 in San Diego.

On 22 February 2022, the ultimate revelation was done by the Twitter handle of Twitch con for the gamers and streamers by releasing the statement asking fans to Pack up and buckle up and be prepared to Show up.  As they are getting TwitchCon back on the ground. 

When and Where Will Twitch Con Be Held?

Twitch finally released their TwitchCon program’s schedule that is going to be held in 2022, indicating where and when the popular live broadcast meeting will take place. TwitchCon is going to be hosted in North America and Europe where the majority of platform broadcasters and communities are present.

There are usually 2 conferences a year where the public can communicate. Be sure to mark your calendars as TwitchCon is coming to Amsterdam on July 16th and July 17th this year. The event will be back in San Diego from October 7 to October 9th, 2022.

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What Activities Are Planned for the Event?

Since last year due to a pandemic, TwitchCon was replaced by glitch, and con fans were quite upset but now are hoping for things to go well TwitchCon is returning to its first event in person since the start of the epidemic.

The last one was held at the San Diego Convention Center in 2019. The team of twitch seems to be quite positive regarding the future settlements of the events. They hope that no more pandemics interfere with their activities as they have invited a huge number of streamers and players to this event.

TwitchCon 2022
TwitchCon 2022

According to a blog post on Amazon-owned website, last year, they welcomed 8,550 new partners and 548,000 partners, bringing the total number of Twitch partners and partners to more than 50,000 and 1.5 million. They went on to say that the stadium has grown significantly, and they are excited to bring back the live broadcast. 

There is always a large list of activities that everyone can join. They will feature the all-time favorite Artist Alley, the corner of the Content Sessions, a Cosplay competition, and for the very first time in the history of TwitchCon, the Drag Showcase. There will also be music concerts that you can enjoy while meeting your email friends.

And of course who would miss out on the big event that everyone wants to be a part of. After that, we would have Twitch Rivals Tournaments that will take place as a friendly competition between all of the participants. Viewers also enjoy watching their favorite content creators fight for what the event offers.

fans are still waiting for the Tickets for the Amsterdam and San Diego events to go on sale.

Are Tickets Available?

Amsterdam tickets are guaranteed to go on sale this spring as per the blog post on the website of TwitchCon. The Twitter user shared an email screen confirming their release at the end of April 2022. Hotel bookings are now open for events if you want to choose a real estate agent working with TwitchCon Europe.

You can find more information about accommodation at TwitchCon Amsterdam. Tickets for San Diego are expected to be released in late summer as the event takes place in October 2022. Be sure to keep following the TwitchCon Twitter handle for new information and news.

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