Jeff Bezos Net Worth Climbs $19 Billion in a Day as Amazon Shares Soar

According to the official reports of Forbes, Jeff Bezos’ net worth is now at $183.5 billion! A sudden increase of $19 billion was observed in just one day. And all the credits go to the shares of Amazon. 

Why Was There a Sudden Rise in Jeff Bezos Net Worth?

Jeff Bezos owns 12.7% of Amazon, and when the company’s stocks got a major boost he’s the one who benefited the most. These reports came in around Friday. On Thursday Amazon Prime’s subscription price was increased to $20 and shortly they also released their report of the quarterly earnings of the company. 

jeff bezos net worth
jeff bezos net worth

But as everyone knows there are major ups and downs in a billionaire’s life. Jeff Bezos also suffered a loss of around $20 billion a few days ago. Which got covered up by a whopping $19 billion in Jeff Bezos net worth

While on the other side, Mark Zuckerberg suffered a loss of $31 billion! A report suggested that it was because of the issues related to the Meta universe. 

Amazon’s Earnings Official Report

After the announcement of the rise in subscription prices, the stocks went up soaring. And miraculously the market value increased by a total of $141 billion. The company’s investment in Rivian also accounts for this increase in Jeff Bezos’ net worth. 

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