Katanji Brown Jackson’s Nomination to the Supreme Court Has Prompted a Reaction From Nashville’s Leaders

Good news finally came for the Americans as President Joe Biden announced the nomination of Katanji Brown Jackson to the supreme court. This is the first time; the US has nominated a black woman to the highest court of the country. 

In the latest press conference regarding the nomination, president Biden said

My nominee for the United States supreme court is Judge Ketanji Jackson.”

This new announcement has spread ripples of joy across the entire country and the NAACP Nashville Chapter’s president Sheryl Guinn expressed her happiness surrounding the decision and said it is time that the supreme court reflects the diversity of the country.

It was like finally, you know what I mean finally there is the recognition,”

Guinn said. Though it came out as a standout decision, Guinn also laments about the fact that in 233 years, this is the first time the court has a black woman as a nominee for the judge. She considers this to be a victory but she will not stop until she gets to see more people like Judge Jackson sitting on high posts of the nation.

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Why Is It Such Huge News?

Not only does the nomination of Katanji Brown Jackson proves the nation’s belief in diversity it also brings new hopes and aspirations for the future generation. The nomination will inspire the children of today to dream big and the idea of sitting on the highest court of the United States is achievable.

Katanji Brown Jackson was particularly happy with this decision and she expressed her views by saying

I mean you kept us to the point where we couldn’t read. I mean it was literally illegal for us to read and now we’re sitting on the highest court of the land and making decisions that you and all your family will have to follow.”

America’s population right now is 61.6% white, 18.7% Hispanic, and only 12.4% Black and smaller percentages spread across other minority groups, and the percentage of whites are continuing to decline each day. 

The nomination of Joe Biden however needs to be confirmed by the Senate. The Senate is divided 50-50 between the two parties and Jackson’s nomination will be confirmed by a simple majority vote. It’s joyous news that came along and for some Americans, this news of nomination carries profound meaning. 

Jackson’s History With the Judicial Body

Jackson has been a federal judge since 2013 and both democrats and their liberal allies have looked upon Jackson as the right pick for the court. Her valuable experience in public defense over the years will help ascertain the core ethics and values of the United States and its highest court. 

Katanji Brown Jackson
Katanji Brown Jackson

Previously Judge Jackson got the votes of all 50 Senate Democrats in the US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit back in June. With the same support along with some Republican backing, she can be confirmed as the judge of the United States supreme court.

In total 115 people have served on the top judicial bodies of America and only two of the 115 people were black and none were women. US President Joe Biden along with other Democrats concluded that nominating a black woman was long overdue from their end.

Although this may sound like a fantastic decision for most, especially the citizens of the US, the Republicans have held up a different theory. Biden was accused by the Republicans of discriminating against men and non-Black women for the nomination of Supreme Court Judge. 

Biden on the other hand considers Jackson to be “extremely qualified” for the post and believes she will reflect the full talents and greatness of the United States through her court. Jackson’s competitor candidates for the post were Leondra Kruger and Michelle Childs.

While Kruger is associated with the California Supreme Court, Michelle Childs is a federal judge based out of South Carolina. Biden’s decision to nominate Jackson out of the three has been well-received across the US and attracted comments from the chief executive of National Women’s Law Centre, Fatima Goss Graves. According to her, nominating a Black woman shows the country is progressing in the right direction against racism as a whole.

What the final results will be can only be said after the vote is done but as of now the first Black woman nomination for supreme court Judge is astounding news for the entire country and the world.

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