John Madden Net Worth Was Estimated to Be in the Millions of Dollars. What Was His Net Worth?

The legendary NFL player, coach, sports commentator, and entrepreneur, John Madden had a successful lifestyle. He rose to success and got fame after his sports career and also launched the popular video game franchise, Madden NFL. Even after his death, he left quite a fortune. John Madden’s net worth is frequently speculated and his earnings to date have been recorded below.

John Madden Early Life & Relationship

John Madden was born to a simple family. He was born on 10th April 1936, his father Earl Russell Madden was an auto mechanic by profession and they lived in Daly City, California. His mother was named Mary Margaret Madden and they had a happy life. 

He did school in Catholic Parochial school and later graduated from the renowned Jefferson High School in 1954. Since childhood, he had a keen interest in football. John was always involved in football and showed his moves on a football team.

He was such a talent that he showed expertise inoffensive as well as defensive positions. Not only was he a part of the school’s college team but was also actively present in college football teams.  

After starting his professional career, John married the love of his life on 26th December 1959. He first got to know his wife in a bar situated in Pismo Beach California. Together, they had two beautiful sons named Joseph and Michael.

The couple had celebrated their immortal love on their 62nd wedding anniversary, just two days before the legend died. The coach had his last breath on December 28th, 2021. It was indeed a sad day for the sports industry.  

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John Madden Career

A fortunate career like his is hard to get. Madden was destined to become a top footballer. He was already training under Philadelphia Eagles, however, when he was undergoing training, he had hurt his knee in the camp. Thus, he never had the chance of representing any professional team and playing at a professional level.

But his talent was not unseen and so, in 1960, Allan Hancock College appointed him as an assistant coach. Later, he was the defensive assistant coach in 1963 for San Diego State.

But his next big chance was when he got placed as a linebackers coach for the Oakland Raiders in 1967. The swift success in his career impressed everyone the most. After two years, the Raider’s head coach retired and now, Madden took the charge as the head coach. 

John Madden Net Worth
John Madden Net Worth

He has been hailed as the youngest head coach at only 39 years old. But the monumental change happened when Raiders got a chance in Super Bowl II, therefore, securing a position amongst the world’s top football coaches that history had ever seen. On the other hand, he was the youngest coach to have 100 regular victories in such a short span. 

He was later a commentator for some of the top American Television Networks. From 1979 to 2003, he had made many appearances in CBS Sports, NBC Sports, Fox Sports, and also, ABC Sports.

He even used his voice in Westwood One Radio network which is quite famous in the USA. John might not be a professional actor but he even featured in note-worthy movies such as Christine as well as Little Giants. The coach even wrote a couple of books that were successful. 

John Madden Achievements

John has been felicitated with the utmost respect and holds an honorable position in the sports industry. He was the head coach when the Oakland Raiders won Super Bowl XI. For his impeccable broadcasting capabilities, he won 12 Emmy Awards.

In 1984, he was honored as NSMA National Sportscaster of the Year. Later, Yahoo included him in the list of Sports Top 50 All-Time Network Television Sports Announcers. He even bagged the Pete Rozelle Radio-Television Award in 2002. John Madden had many Hall of Fame entries. So, his achievements cannot be numbered as he had a lot for the industry. 

John Madden Net Worth 

Having a name and fame has surely showered a lot of money. When John died, he had a massive net worth of $220 million. In 2021 alone, the year he died, his annual income was as high as $10 million. He had around $1 million in salaries for broadcasting and was the first to charge so much.

When he started his career, the coach got $8 million per year. From 2005 to 2009, he got $2 million per year for video games. Later, EA Sports paid him $150 million for permitting them to use Madden’s name in the video. So, he never fell short of money. After his demise, his wife and children are now going to have his wealth.

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