Call of Duty 2022: Leaks, Rumors, and Everything We Know

Fans of first-person shooters know that a new Call of Duty game will be released every fall, just like death and taxes. As of 2005, the humungous franchise has been a constant multiplatform top seller, releasing a new top-quality title each year.

While there have been rumors that this annual release schedule might change in the coming weeks, we do know for sure that a new premium Call of Duty title will be released this year. Infinity Ward studio leadership affirmed in a February call with content creators that a spinoff to 2019’s Modern Warfare reboot would be released in the fall of 2022. 

Call of Duty 2022 Release Date and Trailer

Although we have confirmation that Call of Duty 2022 will be released this fall, we are still waiting to see an official title or teaser. Previously, official details about a forthcoming title were released in May of the release year, giving the title released the previous fall some breathing room before the news cycle turned to the future.

Moreover, the feedback to Call of Duty: Vanguard (2021) has been lukewarm, as the gameplay’s release was overlooked by lawsuits alleging a hostile workplace. 

We are still waiting for the official name and teaser, as well as the official release date other than “Fall 2022.” The Call of Duty brand has a long history of releasing games on the second Tuesday of November.

If this trend continues into this year, the 2022 game will most likely be released on November 8, 2022. Even so, there have been two past examples of Call of Duty titles releasing at the end of October, including Infinity Ward’s 2019 Modern Warfare reboot, so do not rush to submit your PTO requests. 

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What We Know About Call of Duty 2022

Although it is still premature in the Call of Duty 2022 news cycle, a few specifics and rumors have already surfaced. According to the call studio leaders held with content creators, Call of Duty 2022 will be a worthy successor to Infinity Ward’s 2019 reboot of the Modern Warfare series.

The mysterious climax of Modern Warfare 2 showed Captain Price obtaining permission to form Task Force 141, and it’s realistic to assume and see a few of TF 141’s combat activities in the spinoff. 

Call of Duty 2022
Call of Duty 2022

Since 2018, several notable Call of Duty leakers, such as Tom Henderson and ModernWarzone, have revealed the existence of a new sandbox mode inspired by Escape from Tarkov. DMZ, a potential mode, was originally planned for 2019’s Modern Warfare reboot but was dropped from the title.

Nevertheless, despite this cut, development is allegedly continuing on the mode. Among the most significant modifications expected for Call of Duty 2022 is that it will be the first in the franchise to earn two years of post-launch assistance.

Activision has stated that no premium standalone title will be released in 2023, owing in part to the poor reception of Vanguard. Instead, the Modern Warfare 2 sequel will have an extra year of content to be released after its initial release. 

New Gen of Call of Duty 2022

Early in February, the official Infinity Ward posted on Twitter, “A new generation of Call of Duty is coming soon”.  Even so, studio executives confirmed that the vast majority of Call of Duty’s existing userbase is still running on last-generation hardware, making it seem unlikely that Infinity Ward would abandon those fans while working on the upcoming release.

The project team has been very clear that they’ve learned their lessons from the present condition of Warzone and Call of Duty: Vanguard, and that these lessons are driving the changes that are needed in Call of Duty. However, these changes may imply abandoning the last-generation player base in order to actually establish a new generation of Call of Duty.

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