Fortnite 19.40 Patch Notes Release Date Status and Server Downtime

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1 is almost over and we can already hear the news of the patch 19.40 update. This patch is long-awaited and we cannot wait to see all the new content, skins, and challenges.

Epic Games have released important information surrounding the new Fortnite 19.40 patch, including release date, server downtime, and the content we will get to see. 

Chapter 3 Season 1 is coming to an end and players are now looking forward to Season 2 while finding out ways to earn more XP as the new season begins.

Brand new content with the new patch is definitely one of the better news for the fans of Fortnite. It will add some fun to the current content that is nearing the end, it is going to conclude in three weeks.

However, this new patch will not update as before but it is a real treat for players of Fortnite who are Spider-Man fans. Patch 19.40 will introduce the Spider-Man content as in Season 2 we are expecting to see more of Spider-Man content. With the new patch, players will get Spider-Man skin but that’s not all as the patch is also going to feature a themed Wild Week.

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Fortnite Patch 19.40 Server Downtime and Release Date 

Like always the server downtime timings will be different for different time zones. As per the information released by Epic Games, the server downtime for the patch 19.40 update of Fortnite is going to begin at 1 am PT/9 am GMT/4 am ET on March 1, 2022. Matchmaking for the game will be disabled 30 minutes before the beginning of the downtime.

Fortnite Patch 19.40 Patch Notes

While this is all the information regarding the server downtime, what is more, interesting about the 19.40 patch are all the patch notes and contents we can expect to see. Epic Games have promised before the end of the current season of chapter 3, they will release another Spider-Man skin.

Fortnite 19.40
Fortnite 19.40

The skin will make it to Fortnite in two weeks after the patch update takes place. Although more details on the Spider-Man skin are yet to be revealed, the new content will definitely add some refreshment. Some are also hinting that the new skin can be the Toby Maguire skin that was in the rumors for a long time. Chances are it can also be the Miles Morales skin.

But along with the skin, the patch update will also begin a new themed event called the Wild Week. Previously we have seen Bownanza Week which brought back all the bows from Chapter 2 Season 6.

This second-themed Wild Week is definitely something that will leave the fans in delight. Much to everyone’s expectations, Epic Games have continued to be tight-lipped surrounding the Wild Week. They have however promised a “new batch of special quests” which will help the players earn more XP along the way.

Alongside these, the new 19.40 patch will also bring two new weekly challenges. These weekly challenges will be added to the files of the 19.40 patch and they will go live in the coming time. The first set of the weekly challenge is likely to go live on Thursday 2nd March 2022. 

Fortnite Patch 19.40 Bug Fixes

With every new patch, Epic Games have done bug fixes and the 19.40 update will also see some important bug fixes so the game runs smooth.

  • Fix the sudden Blue FX glow of the outfits in the Lobby.
  • Fix fire effects icon that is displayed incorrectly on X Box series X|S.
  • Fix the Save The World Default Lobby Track which is not currently playing.

Though these are all the information Epic Games have released regarding the patch update, we can be certain there will be plenty more to look forward to. It can only be known once the update drops but we are expecting multiple new skins and cosmetics in the new patch.

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