Elvis Presley: A Song Composed by the Hero of a Horrible Horror Film Has Become a Classic

Fans of ELVIS PRESLEY may be surprised to learn that one of the King’s most well-known early songs was actually written, produced, and named by someone else.

It’s not just the lyrics that Otis Blackwell penned for Elvis’ version; he also came up with the song’s title. He went so far as to say that he “came up with the idea” on his own!

As of 1957, Elvis Presley had established himself as a household name in both the United States and around the world’s music industry. Three consecutive number one songs for his 1957 tracks followed a string of hit singles that spanned several years.

On March 22, 1957, he released his 19th and last number one song, All Shook Up. However, the song’s author went on to have a successful Hollywood career.

However, the songwriter was inspired by another creative in the music industry while working with Otis on several tunes.

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It was revealed in 2009 that David Hess (formerly known as David Hill) had written and recorded All Shook Up before Elvis. All Shook Up’s title was inspired by a real-life situation, and when he decided not to write it, Otis Blackwell did. I had the initial recording for Aladdin Records.”

Then David said: “Otis wrote the song, and Presley took a writing credit so that Elvis could record it. In those days, that’s how things worked.”

For his appearance as Krug Stillo in the 1972 horror film The Last House on the Left, David is perhaps best-remembered. As a result of its realistic portrayals of murder and sexual abuse, the controversial film made news when it was released. The film’s tagline, “Can a movie go too far?” echoed this.

Elvis Presley
Elvis Presley

In spite of the fact that the film is based on Elvis’ seventh number-one single, the King claimed that he was responsible for the song’s success.

Elvis Presley: An iconic track was written by a gruesome horror movie star. ELVIS PRESLEY fans may not realize that one of the King’s most …

On October 28, 1957, Elvis was interviewed about the release of All Shook Up. That’s the truth: “I’ve never even come up with an idea for a song.” Only once, I suppose. I went to sleep one night and awoke shaken from a vivid dream.

This dream was enough for Elvis to get the creative juices flowing for this song, he said. “I called a friend and told him about it,” he said. Before dawn, All Shoo had been completed.

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