Matt Reeves Told That “The Batman” Prequel Has Been Put on Hold Indefinitely

Matt Reeves is in the news yet again and this time we are not going to talk about “The Batman” but about the prequel that was supposed to release as the HBO MAX series.

Based on the same world as The Batman, this Gotham police show was in discussions for a long time. It was also supposed to star Robert Pattinson again as Bruce and Zoe Kravitz as Selina Kyle. 

The recent news confirms that the show has been put on hold for an indefinite period.  

In the recent podcast “Happy Sad Confused” Matt Reeves who was also supposed to direct the show said “One thing that we’re not doing that, I was gonna do. So, there’s the Gotham police show which, that one is put on hold. We’re not doing that.”

The host of the podcast “Happy Sad Confused” Josh Horowitz was as surprised as the rest of us on hearing the “Cloverfield” director sharing this news. This was a long-awaited police procedural series that the fans of the caped crusader have been waiting for and now that we are not going to see it, probably ever, it’s not exciting news.

What More Do We Know About the Show?

As we can expect, the police show will be based on Gotham and it will also revolve around the guardian of Gotham City, the GCPD Police Commissioner Lieutenant James Gordon. Jeffrey Wright was supposed to play the character of Gordon and as per the previous plans, it went well, it would have shown events that happened before Bruce Wayne became The Batman.

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A young and inexperienced Bruce Wayne played by Robert Pattinson was something the fans have waited for. However, this show wouldn’t have shown a lot of The Batman.

This supposed show was a prequel and we would have seen more stories centered towards the corruption of the Gotham police department. The presence of Batman in the GCPD however impacts the department and that’s how the story would have proceeded.

What we learned from the interview is that the show was supposed to be more into the genre of The Batman, a mystery-crime show and we would have also seen the detective Daniel Ciello. Treat Williams would have played the role of the detective.

His job is to ensure that there is an investigation going on for the corruption in the department. The U.S. Justice Department has hired Ciello for the role.

This show was more of an idea of HBO MAX who ordered the romantic-horror “Let Me In” director Reeves to make a show based on the Gotham City Police Department. The idea was Bruce meets Gordon in the story and they cross paths which eventually will trigger him.

The Batman
The Batman

What Now? A Different Story?

In another interview, however, there is a different story altogether. Matt Reeves in the interview with The Cyber Nerds said that the plan of a story around GCPD will now be focused on the famed psychiatric hospital of Gotham City, Arkham Asylum.

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Now we will see not one but many of the supervillains in one housing inside the Asylum. The idea of the new series will be a complete horror and we can expect something we haven’t seen before.

The series was supposed to be a spinoff based on the gangsters like “The Penguin” and “Oz” and was supposed to take place after the events of The Batman. Now we can expect it to be released on the small screen first. 

Sad that we are not going to see the series and it has canceled production, we are going to see a lot of noir crime series soon. The Batman is already the biggest blockbuster of 2022 and earned $128.5.


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