Russia-Ukraine War: What May Happen Next? Foreign Affairs Specialists in Arizona Weigh in on the Matter.

Many foreign policy experts are speculating about what will happen next in Ukraine as Russian troops continue to occupy the country.

NAU Expert: Invasion has High Impact on Russia

Gretchen Gee, NAU’s principal lecturer in international affairs, warned that things could get worse before they get better.

In her work, Gee has studied the Soviet Union extensively, and she believes that Russia’s economy will not be able to withstand the sanctions that have been placed on the country.

“When it comes to high-impact, low-cost actions, Vladimir Putin has a proven track record of success. He’s an expert at using cyberspace to carry out his plans, and he can easily deny any involvement “Gee stated that. “Another scenario entirely. Ukraine will bear a heavy burden, and Russia will bear an even heavier one, but neither will be cheap for Russia.”

The war is taking its toll on the Russian people, as seen by tales of empty food shelves, difficulties obtaining currency throughout the country, and a collapsing ruble. What’s going to happen next?

Anti-war demonstrations are still taking place around the country, and Gee wonders if now is the right time for them to bear fruit or if something else will be done.

Are we going to start withdrawing our forces, and portraying it as a triumph to the Russian people, because it’s going to cost us too much??” Gee was the one to say it. “In my classes, I stress to my students that the Russian people are not our adversaries. These are people who cherish the freedom to travel, who cherish their ties to the West, and who cherish the opportunity to send their children to school in this region. They’re in pain.”

Russia-Ukraine War
Russia-Ukraine War

McCain Institute official: U.S. Imposing Severe Sanctions

“Astonishing audacity of the attack. Although it was widely expected that he would attack specific regions, I don’t believe that he had any specific plans to take over the country or to do it so quickly “Director of Human Rights and Democracy Program at John McCain Institute, Paul Fagan, stated.

In the face of Russia’s continued invasion of Ukraine, Fagan says John McCain has long backed the freedom of the Ukrainian people.

“For years, he went to the front lines of Ukraine,” said Fagan. With visits to Ukrainian troops on the front lines in 2014 and 2015, he was one of the world’s leading statesmen, demonstrating what the Ukrainian people were accomplishing.”

On Russia sanctions, Fagan tells us that these are among the most punitive penalties we’ve ever seen in American history.

“They’re targeting financial institutions. They’re pursuing Putin. Every area of the Russian economy is under attack, which is going to be devastating for Putin and this conflict with Ukraine “Fagan made the remark.

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Sanctions by themselves, Fagan argues, will not put a stop to the conflict. Russia, which is currently isolated from the rest of the Western world, will play a key role in this effort, he believes.

“So much of what is going to happen depends on how the Russians act internally,” said Fagan.

Ukrainian Journalist: More needs to be done to stop Putin

Mark Savchuk says more must be done to stop Putin before more people are killed before he is stopped in his tracks.

“He’s a nutcase. As a result, he needs to be put out of his misery “Savchuk remarked. Since we’re fighting for the freedom and security of the entire planet, we need the West’s continued support.”

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