News about Matrix 5 Release Date Status Announced For This Year!

Is there going to be the Matrix 5 in the coming days? Well according to the results from the surveys, it doesn’t look like there will be any Matrix 5, or Matrix 6 in that case. Very recently, we got the much anticipated 4th Matrix movie called the Matrix Resurrections but there are practically no confirmations on more sequels. 

Although we haven’t received any news or claims from either Warner Bros. or Lana Wachowski about possible Matrix sequels in the near future, they haven’t struck out the possibilities either.

The writer/director of Matrix Lana Wachowski didn’t say anywhere that there are no chances of a Matrix sequel but chances are if the fans find Matrix Resurrections enjoyable and response is positive, Warner Bros. can step in and start planning more movies.

Who Will Create the Matrix 5?

Lana Wachowski’s involvement in the future Matrix movies however is highly doubtful, for both writing and directing. According to her, she made Matrix Resurrections for some very personal reasons and she might not find the idea of directing more Matrix movies interesting.

If she steps away from the movies, one-half of the team is gone. In the premiere of Matrix Resurrections, Wachowski said the movie wasn’t planned before. She said “It was not orchestrated in any way. Something happened in my life and I needed to process and grieve. And I really kind of needed to have all these people around who knew my parents.”

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To sum it up, The Matrix Resurrections is a deeply personal movie for the director and she is not looking at it as a cash-grabbing trilogy. Though she didn’t mention whether she is looking at making more Matrix movies, she hasn’t ruled the chances for a sequel either. In some way or the other, it serves as a glimmer of hope for the fans who have this eternal love for The Matrix.

Matrix 5 Release Date and Plot? Will There Be a Video Game?

Matrix 5 as we now know about it has very little chance of being made and then released. However, if things change otherwise and there is a twist made, productions can begin immediately.

If that happens, we can expect to see The Matrix 5, roughly in about two years’ time. Not just Matrix 5, if things start rolling it smooth, we are going to see a Matrix Trilogy, which means there will be a Matrix 6 as well.

The Matrix 5
The Matrix 5

Previously we have seen how fast the team can be with Matrix Reloaded and Revolutions being filmed back to back and released within a span of six months. With the new trilogy, we can expect wonders to happen too.

The plot of Matrix 5 can be almost but if we look into the ending of Resurrections, we can see a way the upcoming movie can go.  Although in Resurrections, we see a happy ending of Neo and Trinity after defeating the Analyst, with the Matrix the peace doesn’t last a long time.

We can look at the robots gearing up yet again to take on humankind and defeat them. In addition to that, we can even see a Sentinel invasion of IO, the human city we have seen in Resurrections. Though the robots, humans, and programs are living cordially in the city, fate can change anytime and start a tiff. 

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Looking at the movies’ premise we cannot rule out the idea of a video game either. Wachowskis are fans of video games and their involvement with Unreal Engine for the previous Matrix games was direct. She even said “Unreal Engine is there” when asked about the possibilities of a new video game.

In Resurrection, we have Neo, an award-winning video game developer who has created the Matrix trilogy. If Matrix 5 gets made into a video game, it will be quite news for fans around the world. Lana Wachowski even said, “If the right people came and said let’s do something together I’d probably say hell, yes, but I do things for people.”


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