‘Bosch’ Spinoff ‘Legacy’ Trailer Released Along With Official Release Date Status at IMDB TV

In a new teaser for the spinoff Bosch: Legacy, which premieres on Amazon’s free streaming service IMDb TV on Friday, May 6, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Following Harry Bosch, his daughter Madeline, and Honey “Money” Chandler as they enter the next chapter of their careers as a private investigator, the branch follows Bosch as he finds himself working with his one-time adversary.

Bosch’s first assignment takes him to Whitney Vance’s mansion, where he is entrusted with identifying the billionaire’s lone heir, according to the official synopsis.“Along the way, Bosch finds himself clashing with powerful figures who have a vested interest in the heir not be found. Researching the family tree, he uncovers shocking revelations that span generations, all while billions of dollars remain on the line.”

bosch legacy
‘Bosch’ spinoff ‘legacy’ trailer released Along With a Confirmed Release Date at IMDB TV

As a rookie cop like her father, Maddie is trying to figure out what type of cop she wants to be. This is how her father sees it: “Being a cop is either a mission or a job,” the description reads. Her father “continues to live by the code that everyone counts, or nobody counts.”

Welliver, Eric Overmyer, Tom Bernardo, Henrik Bastin, Pieter Jan Brugge, and Zetna Fuentes are executive producers on the Bosch spinoff, which is produced by Fabel (formerly Fabrik) Entertainment and executive-produced by novelist Michael Connelly (whose book The Wrong Side of Goodbye is loosely based) (who also directed the pilot).

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