Kyrie Irving: The NBA Fined the Brooklyn Nets $50,000 for Letting a Player Inside

It’s Kyrie Irving in the news now and due to his recent action. The Nets were fined an amount of $50,000 by the NBA for allowing Irving into the team’s locker room. The Nets were playing the Knicks on Sunday and as Irving has not been vaccinated yet, he was not allowed to be with the Nets team at the Barclays Center.

What Went Down During the Game?

Kyrie Irving enjoyed the Nets vs Knicks match as a spectator sitting in the front row of the stadium. The NYC law doesn’t allow Irving to be a part of the team because of the New York City vaccine mandate.

This is the workplace mandate that New York City is following and this restricts Irving from participating in the matches. The same mandate however allows Irving to attend the game as a spectator and he enjoyed the 110-107 defeat of the New York Knicks by his home team Nets. 

According to the NBA, the fine was imposed on Nets because of “violating local New York City law and league health and safety protocols.”

Although this fine came as a surprise for some, Kevin Durant had other things to say and appreciated the move by the New York Mayor Eric Adams. “The last two years have been a difficult and painful time for New Yorkers, as well as a very confusing time with the changing landscape of the rules and mandates.”

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Kevin Durant previously had a completely different outlook on the same mandate. He said he failed to understand how the mandates work and was convinced this movie was not needed.

The public sector mask and vaccine mandate of New York City was lifted on March 7th and that allowed unvaccinated people to enter various indoor places like bars and restaurants. Lifting of the public mandate allowed Irving to enter the game as a fan and watch it from the stands.

Though the public sector mandate was lifted, the private sector vaccine mandate is still active in New York City. The private sector mandate allows only vaccinated people to work for a New York-based business. His action of entering the locker room technically caused the problem as it was considered an unvaccinated person entering the workplace environment. This is not allowed under and that resulted in the $50,000 fine by the NBA.

Kyrie Irving
Kyrie Irving

The Locker Room Mishap

Irving entered the team’s locker room at half-time and this became a headline in most places. The Brooklyn Nets defeated the New York Knicks 110-107 and their winning streak was extended to three games with this win. Kevin Durant’s unmatched performance and leadership helped the Nets win and they scored a season-high 53 points. 

Overall, The Nets along with most of their stars like LeBron James and Kevin Durant showed displeasure with the rule and the fine. In addition to that, this even doesn’t make a lot of sense in ensuring the health of Irving while being unvaccinated was allowed to enter the stands and watch the game with all other people. 

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Although this fine was criticized by most, it doesn’t look like we are going to see any changes in the mandates any time soon. Mayor Eric Adams recently fired more than 1000 city workers who refused to take the vaccine.

He is staying strict with Irving’s case as well and suggested in order for him to play it’s mandatory that Irving gets vaccinated. Adams said this in the recent press conference where he was heckled for his move.

This was the first time Kyrie Irving attended the game in the entire season and it was almost at the end of the first half he reached the stadium.  

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