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Perfect Dark Release Date Status Announced Or Cancelled!

The Perfect Dark sequel is launching after 15 long years. When the OG Perfect Dark was launched back in 2000 on the Nintendo 64, the fans were enticed with its eye-catching gameplay, amazing visuals, and advanced AI.

Xbox’s latest first-party development studio, The Initiative is behind making this game. Microsoft assured of an AAAA experience. The gamers were also surprised with a beautiful and cinematic trailer that displays the story as well as the atmosphere of the upcoming game. However, a lot more details have been revealed, and let’s dissect it. 

Perfect Dark Expected Release Date

The Game Awards 2020 first launched the cinematic trailer for the game. But the first-ever initiative steamed in 2018 and the team behind its development has been working hard ever since then. So, the game is under four years of development to date.

Now you must remember that games take time for getting developed since there are little intricate details that need to be taken care of. It usually takes five years to complete it perfectly. As per industry analyst, Jeff Grubb, the game isn’t going to be released before 2023 or 2024.

There are minimal chances of having it released in 2022. But the recent report of VGC claims that a huge turnover happened among the team and the release date may be further delayed. If you track even the records of Xbox’s Gamescom 2021, there was no mention of the Perfect Dark

Earlier, The Initiative declared about partnering with Crystal Dynamics for recreating the vision they had for Perfect Dark. So who knows what’s in store and the release date is still not provided. 

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Perfect Dark Gameplay

The gameplay or footage for Perfect Dark is not officially available. But according to the guesses done by the expert, it will be a level-based first-person shooter game. Players will be able to collect many weapons for helping them in the battle.

It will allow you to survive in complex and different environments. Also, the players can fight even after taking different levels of damage. There will also be advanced and new weapons and mechanics that we have not seen before. 

Perfect Dark

Perfect Dark Story

The setting of the story of Perfect Dark is in 2023. Thus, you will be landing in the future. It will have science fiction elements that will feature alien races who reside on Earth. However, we are still skeptical if this will remain the same or The Initiative will have its version.

If you have watched the trailer, then it depicts sci-fi in a completely different light. It shows a society with futuristic technology and the building linings are also visible. Moreover, it hints about a massive catastrophe that is going to happen due to a climate emergency.

We see huge ice caps melting and there is also a satellite that is hovering over the earth. Even lands are getting engulfed by water bodies. Fires, floods, storms, and every other possible threat are lurking over the earth. This will be a classic spy-thriller game that is going to be full of mysteries. 

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Perfect Dark Platforms

While announcing the game, the creators confirmed that it will be available on platforms such as Xbox Series X, and also Xbox Game Pass. It means that the game will be allowed in PC Game Pass. No additional fees will be charged for having access to the game pass. It will launch even in Xbox Game Studios, Xbox One S, and also PC. Sadly, you cannot play this game on the PlayStation 4 or Nintendo Switch.

Perfect Dark is the future of the game and The Initiative will turn things around with this latest launch. The release date is still far away but we are hoping for more information shortly.

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