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Heartland season 16 Release Date Status Updates: Is Series Coming This Year!

The fans have always enjoyed their virtual trip to the ranch amid nature. UK viewers can now watch Heartland season 15 as it has already dropped on Netflix. But the success of the show has led to the belief that Heartland Season 16 will return.

The series has been running for the longest period, 2007 to be exact and it is gaining the fame it is anticipated to get. So, will the show makers have a season 16 soon enough? 

Heartland Season 16 Tentative Release Date 

The team is yet to make any official announcement regarding the renewal status of the show. The fact that it has immense popularity in Canada ensures that the chances of getting Heartland Season 16 is high.

Even the ratings are pretty high which adds to the fact that there is more to see in this series. If you are expecting a tentative schedule, well it’s hard to predict since all the seasons were released at different times without following any specific patterns. 

But as we try to provide all the information, we have found certain reports stating the release time of season 16. Initially, fans were concerned that season 15 would bring an end to this show.

This is because the final episode of season 15 was advertised as the Season 15 finale. This confused many fans since it suggests as if it is the climax of the show. But thankfully, it is unlikely to happen.

As per leaked reports on Chronicles News, the show might return to Canada in September 2022. If not this year, then it is going to be back for 2023. Though it isn’t a piece of confirmed news, sources claim that fans are waiting for the happy news for days and they believe that season 16 will happen.

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What Will be the Canadian Show Heartland Season 16 about? 

As mentioned before, the show started in 2007 and is a family drama that has gathered global viewership. Amy, Jack, Lou, and the entire Fleming have given the fans a reason to look forward to the show.

At the end of season 14, the fans were shocked to find out about the sudden exit of the OG member of the show, Graham Wardle. Hopping that there is no more bad news to ruin the fans’ days, let’s dive into the storyline. 

Heartland season 16

The story is about the daily lives of the members of the Fleming family after Amy’s mother, Marion died. On returning to the Heartland ranch that is operated by Lou as well as Amy’s grandfather Jack, Amy discovers her talent of training and helping horses just like her mother used to do. Later Lou is seen as the Mayor of Hudson whereas Jack remarries Lou.

The plot of season 15 had signs that hinted at the return of the show. In season 15, the series focused on how short and unpredictable life can be. Tim reunited with his wife during their journey to New York, but there was still an ongoing tension between the two.

Also, we saw how Amy was advised to remove blinders from her private life.  It may be a hint for moving on after the death of Ty. So, season 16 can be focusing more on romance.  

Besides, Lyndy, Parker along Katie may get better screen time in season 16. The show makers may also focus on Katie as well as Parker’s love life. We believe that Georgie will return to represent her country this time, at the Olympics.

Lastly, there might be development in Quinn’s and Georgie’s connection. Interestingly, Heartland’s scripts are always prepared two years in advance. So, we think that season 16 is just around the corner. 

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Heartland Season 16 Cast

The show will be dead basically without the lead characters. After years of playing their characters, they have got connected with the fans’ lives. So, the possible cast of Season 16 will consist of all the major leads. The characters who will be seen are:

The seasons are getting interesting with every season. But what is the future of the season in the upcoming years? Will it continue even after so many seasons or come to an after season 16? Whatever the updated news is, we will inform you.

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