Love Like the Falling Petals’ Release Date Status Updated By Netflix!

Netflix continues to invest in films from throughout Asia, including Japan, despite its heavy investment in South Korean cinema. Love Like the Falling Petals will premiere on Netflix in Spring 2022, and here’s what we know so far.

Fukagawa Yoshihiro’s next Japanese Netflix Original romantic drama film, Love Like the Falling Petals, is directed by him. Toho Studios handled the production of the picture, which was co-written by Tomoko Yoshida and Keisuke.

Please note that this film was once known as My Dearest, Like a Cherry Blossom, but has subsequently been renamed Love Like the Falling Petals.

When Is the Love Like the Falling Petals Netflix Release Date?

Subscribers will have to wait until Spring, but Love Like the Falling Petals will be available on Netflix on March 24th, 2022.

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What Is the Plot of Love Like the Falling Petals?

Haruto Asakura, a former ambitious photographer, is smitten by Misaki Ariake, a hairdresser, and asks her out on a date. Haruto is inspired to return to photography after seeing Misaki work hard to achieve her goals, but their romance is in jeopardy once Misaki is diagnosed with a rare ailment that accelerates her aging tenfold.

Who Are the Cast Members of Love Like the Falling Petals?

Only two cast members for Love Like the Falling Petals have been announced as of this writing.

Love Like the Falling Petals
Love Like the Falling Petals

Asakura Haruto and Ariake Misaki will be played by Nakajima Kento and Matsumoto Honoka, respectively, in the film’s two leads.

Kento Nakajima is most recognized for his performance as Ichijo Raku in the live-action adaptation of the popular anime Nisekoi.

In the film Mio’s Cookbook, Matsumoto Honoka played Mio.

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When and where was Love Like the Falling Petals filmed?

Principal photography started on October 1st, 2021, and wrapped on October 25th, 2021, after only a few weeks of filming.

Tokyo, Japan, was used for filming.

Do you plan on seeing Love Like the Falling Petals when it comes out on Netflix? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.


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