Joe Biden: NATO Would Respond if Vladimir Putin Used Chemical Weapons.

During a press conference on Thursday, President Joe Biden said that NATO would respond if Russian President Vladimir Putin used chemical weapons in Ukraine.

When questioned by reporters if Putin employing chemical weapons would inspire NATO to intervene, Biden replied, “It would trigger a response in kind. The nature of the response would depend on the nature of the use.” 

His response was hesitant: “Whether or not you’re asking whether NATO would cross… we would make that decision at the time,” 

Joe Biden The NATO would respond if Putin used chemical weapons
Joe Biden The NATO would respond if Putin used chemical weapons

As a result of President Obama’s promise to take action in Syria, the White House has resisted calling the deployment of chemical weapons a “red line” for the US.

During a news conference, Biden admitted that sanctions were not a deterrence to Putin, but he wanted to inflict as much economic hardship on Russia as possible for its invasion.

After meeting with European and NATO leaders, the president bragged about his foreign policy expertise.

“I’ve been dealing with foreign policy longer than anybody that’s involved with this process right now,” he remarked.

However, Vice President Joe Biden has frequently warned that Russian President Vladimir Putin is likely to deploy chemical weapons, but he has not provided any evidence to support this claim.

“I think it’s a real threat,” he declared on the way out of the White House for his European trip.

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