Is Gentleman Jack Season 2 Release Date Status Officially Announced?

You have waited three years to get this news, hold your excitement, Gentleman Jack has finally decided on a season 2. The romantic period drama is not a fictional story but a real-life interpretation of the heiress Anne Lister’s real-life story.

To date, the landowner and her lover are hailed as the “first modern lesbian”. The Gentleman Jack Season 2 will show more of the story of this diarist. The fans in fact admired the bold nature of the story and how she rose to success. With season 2, fans will have to dig deeper into their life.

In season 1, the fans saw Ann Walker played by Sophie Rundle’s love story with Lister. Besides, we also got to see Lister’s quick rise to success in multiple businesses namely mining and canals. Thus, season 2 is going to be extremely interesting. 

Gentleman Jack Season 2 Official Release Date and Where to Watch?

Neither HBO nor BBC has given the official date for season 2 but only the month has been confirmed. Well, Gentleman Jack Season 2 will release in April 2022 and it is the month that the release of season 1. Season 1 debuted on April 22nd, 2019. So, we just need to know the date of the release. 

If you have missed watching season 1 of the show, then let us inform you that it had eight episodes. Besides, the show is streaming now on HBO Max for U.S. viewers and BBC iPlayer in case you stay in the UK.

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Gentleman Jack Season 2 Plot

A lot of history is involved in this story. At the end of season 1, audiences saw Anne Lister and Ann Walker planning to live together in Shibden Hall. Now, in the 19th century, same-sex marriage was illegal. So, they took the matter into their own hands and declared their relationship status as “wife and wife”. Therefore, they are going to start their married life and we do not know how the families are going to react. 

Besides this, fans also want to know about the fate of Thomas Sowden, the character played by Tom Lewis. They are eager to find out what will happen to Thomas after killing his son, Snowden. Will he get the punishment he deserves?

In season 2, we are also going to see incidents and characters based on Lister’s real-life diaries. Interestingly, the diaries were written in code language so that nobody could understand them. Plus, these diaries had as many as 7,700 pages and over five million words to cover.

The creator of the show revealed that there will be more intense drama as Ann’s and Anne’s relationship is progressing. She even highlighted, “They move into Shibden together in series two and it’s about how they negotiate their married life, conspicuously in public, and how they deal with their detractors and the effect that has on their relationship as well.” “There’s no end of stories, the diaries, this huge wealth of knowledge.”

Gentleman Jack Season 2
Gentleman Jack Season 2

Gentleman Jack Season 2 Cast

Apart from the familiar star-studded cast, there are not many new characters. We already mentioned that Suranner Jones will be Anne Lister whereas Peaky Blinders fame Sophie Rundle perfectly portrays Ann Walker. Next are, Gemma Jones playing Aunt Anne Lister, Rosie Cavaliero as Elizabeth Cordingley, Timothy West for Capt.

Jeremy Lister, Amelia Bullmore for the character Eliza Priestley, Joe Gemma Whelan playing Marian Lister, Armstrong as Samuel Washington, and Tom Lewis being Thomas Sowden. Hopefully, there won’t be any sudden surprises.

Gentleman Jack Season 2 Trailer

A romantic trailer has been released and we see the lovely couple, Lister and Walker getting comfortable in their private lives at their new home. They seemed happy but Lister somewhat has problems with Halifax’s patriarchal society. 

We even hear Lister saying, “We are the only people in the world, who want us to be together.” 

It seemed like society feared the couple and one elderly woman even stated, “With Anne Lister’s wit and Ms. Walker’s money, she could run the whole of Halifax.”

At last, we see the trailer end by saying, “the next chapter awaits.”

So, it will be quite a dramatic ride this season. There are less than a few days left until April and fans are hoping for more updates on the release date. So, keep calm as things are going to speed up real quick.


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