Men in Black 5 Release Date Status: Renewed, or Canceled?

The Men in Black franchise is one of the most successful ones as fans from all over the world love these films.  Usually, the lead spies in the film have to take charge of tracking and controlling the activities of extraterrestrial creatures. In fact, your favorite members of the Marvel Cinematic Universe are often under the radar. Now, after four successful installments of the film, will there be a Men in Black 5

The OG film that had set the bar for the Men in Black franchise was released in 1997. Will Smith as well as Tommy Lee Jones were just iconic in this film. But later in the last installment, that is, Men in Black International, fans saw Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson replacing them in their legendary roles.

Now, fans are hoping that the makers are in the process of making Men in Black 5. And we think that there is a high possibility. There is no official confirmation but fans are hopeful that there will be some pretty soon. 

When Will Men in Black 5 Be Released?

Neither the creators nor the internet has answers for this. Men in Black International was released in 2019 and it had quite a good business at the box office. The creators planned on releasing a fifth part of the film if the fourth installment was a success.

So, after the major hit, the fans anticipated that it will take two almost two years for MIB 5 to complete its production. But in 2020, a pandemic happened and fans didn’t have any updates about the film’s future since then. There has been no formal declaration regarding the MIB 5 but fans firmly believe that the franchise is going to expand. 

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Is the Men in Black 5 Storyline a Sequel to Men in Black International?

Fans must remember that all the Men in Black films are standalone movies. Creating a basic concept was essential and that was done back in 1997 with the first film only. It is quite like a series but presented in the form of a film.

So, the storyline of Men in Black 5 is going to be pretty different from the existing ones. Although, the base will be the same. We will see spies, unearthly creatures and various angles will be added to the film. But we do not know if there is going to be another angel added to the film.

Men in Black 5
Men in Black 5

Will the Original Leads Come Back for the Men in Black 5?

Way before Chris Hemsworth, as well as Tessa Thompson, was featured in the 2019 film, Wills Smith and Tommy Lee Jones dominated the franchise.  Tessa and Chris have even worked together on the legendary films, Thor: Ragnarok and also Avengers: Endgame. So, after building on-screen chemistry, fans loved them together in the Men in Black International film.

Thus, chances are there that the two amazing actors will work together again in this film. However, if the makers want to create the hype by casting the original leads, then they will be successful.

As a matter of fact, the viewers obviously loved Will and Tommy much more compared to the other casts. However, the franchise has made no declaration regarding anything. So, we don’t know if the leads are already shooting for the film or will they be replaced.

Moreover, some fans are suspecting that there might be ongoing negotiations before finally confirming anything. The men in the Black franchise have already created a legacy. And in order to live up to the reputation, the entire team needs to perfect everything. You can watch the previous MIB films on many streaming networks but the update is still pending. So, let’s wait for the final announcement regarding Men in Black 5 before getting excited.


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