DHL Cargo Jet Skids Off Runway In Costa Rica

Hydraulic failure after take-off causes the plane to return to the airfield, where it rolls off the runway. During an emergency landing at San Jose International Airport in Costa Rica, a DHL cargo plane broke in half after slipping off the runway.

The Juan Santamaria International Airport in Costa Rica was shut down after a Boeing 757-200 cargo plane crash that resulted in the safe evacuation of the pilot and co-pilot. One crew member of DHL, which is owned by Deutsche Post AG, has been taken to the hospital “one crew member is undergoing medical checks as a precaution.”

DHL Cargo Jet skids off runway
DHL Cargo Jet skids off runway

Eight thousand passengers were affected by the plane disaster in which 57 commercial and cargo aircraft departed and arrived at Aeris’ airports around the world.

The pilot requested an emergency landing back at the airport on the outskirts of San Jose shortly after take-off because of a hydraulic system malfunction, according to Reuters. Costa Rica Fire Department Director Héctor Chaves reported that the plane skidded, rotated 180 degrees, then split in two after landing.

 “Units mobilized to remove the pilot and co-pilot,”  Mr. Chaves said. “Then they applied foam to prevent a spill and now they are working on an earthen dike to avoid any fuel from reaching the drainage system.” According to DHL, the company is coordinating with airport officials to have the downed plane removed from the runway so that normal operations may be resumed.

Company statement: “DHL’s incident response team has been activated and an investigation will be conducted with the relevant authorities to determine what happened”.

Aero Expreso, a subsidiary of the firm, was in charge of flying the plane. As expected, Aeris reported the airport reopened at around 3:30 p.m. local time.

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