UN Assembly Suspends Russia From Top Human Rights Body

The U.N. General Assembly is taking a strict decision against Russia after serious violations of laws. On Thursday, the U.N. Assembly was seen voting against Russia which led to the suspension of the country from the top human rights organizations of the world.

The decision was taken after the Russian soldier was accused of conducting war crimes as said by the United States and Ukraine. It has been over a month since the invasion of Russian soldiers in Ukraine and the destruction done to the country and its people is unforgettable. But the recent activities have led to further turmoil and the U.N. Assembly was right to suspend Russia.

What Led to the Suspension of Russia?

After the latest videos as well as photos of the current conditions of Bucha, a town on the outskirts of Kyiv went viral, it was seen that several bodies of civilians were just lying around. Thomas Greenfield started the campaign for raising awareness and suspending Russia at all costs from the U.N. Human Rights Council.

The bodies of civilians were heart-wrenching as they were killed by the Russian soldiers before retreating from the town. Russia has always claimed that they are ensuring that no civilians get killed in the process. But with these shocking proofs; global revulsion has begun. All the human rights activists demand tougher sanctions as Russia isn’t stopping their heinous actions at any cost. On the other hand, Russia is denying any such act and claiming that their troops are in no way responsible.

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The President of the U.S. Joe Biden went as far as to claim that Russian President, Vladimir Putin’s actions and war policies, “has made Russia an international pariah”. He is currently looking forward to collecting all the valid pieces of evidence that prove Russia’s war crimes. The country needs to be held accountable and other countries are doing so by threatening the economy of the country.

What Was the Status of the Votes Against Russia?

The US initiated this resolution that carried forward the suspension of Russia. The vote ended at 93-24 with a majority against Russia and 58 abstentions. This was one of the rare incidents. As a matter of fact, it was Libya that was first suspended by the UN Assembly in 2011 and now, Russia became the second country to get stripped of its rights.

Gennady Kuzmin who is Russia’s deputy ambassador said that Russia hopes for a resolution of “an illegitimate and politically motivated step” that is carried out by a group of countries having “short-term political and economic interests” and accused of “blatant and massive violations of human rights.”

There are 193 members in the UN Assembly and out of that, almost half agreed on the resolution. The U.N. Ambassador for Ukraine, Sergiy Kyslytsya asked the members of the Human Rights Council to consider and suspend Russia because the country is responsible for “horrific human rights violations and abuses that would be equated to war crimes and crimes against humanity.”

UN Assembly Suspends Russia From Top Human Rights Body
UN Assembly Suspends Russia From Top Human Rights Body

“Russia’s actions are beyond the pale,” he added. “Russia is not only committing human rights violations, it is shaking the underpinnings of international peace and security.”

Ukraine wants an immediate cease-fire for ensuring the safety of the lives of millions of civilians residing in Ukraine. 

After Thursday’s intense voting session that led to Russia’s withdrawal, there was a direct and instant impact on Moscow’s voice. Besides, China was seen abstaining from the assembly votes. And so, voted against the decision of suspending Russia on Thursday. China is acting as a key ally and it is clear by their actions.

The country is hoping to restore everything as soon as the war ends. Besides, the major world leaders are urging Russia to hold Russia responsible for doing crimes against humanity. As the future is uncertain, we hope that every human life is saved amidst the war.

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