Is Black Bird Launched By Apple Tv+?

An American prison thriller, Black Bird is based on the true story of Jimmy Keene who was a drug dealer. Being one of the highly anticipated series of 2022, Apple TV+ ensured that the series will be known as a testament to excellence in the future. The true-crime memoir was written by Jimmy himself in collaboration with Hillel Levin and it is titled ‘In with The Devil: A Fallen Hero, A Serial Killer and a Dangerous Bargain for Redemption.

He shares his real-life story about how he settled for a bargain of a reduced sentence in return for receiving a confession from the high-profile serial murderer famously known as Larry Hall. All this happened when they were together spending time in a maximum-security prison. The readers who read the memoir felt the tension and a series adaptation was the only right thing to do after that. 

Black Bird Release Date

The drama series is full of suspense and Apple TV+ has finally revealed the big news. This will be a psychological thriller that will play with your mind. The creators guarantee that the audiences are going to be fully invested in this show.

Now, the ultimate reveal, Black Bird will release on 8th July 2022 and it will have a worldwide launch. As this is an exclusive series, there will be only six episodes. As a matter of fact, the first two episodes will be dropping on Friday, July 8th itself. But the rest four episodes will be released on a weekly basis every Friday. So, we know you are fully excited about the series. 

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Black Bird Plot

The story will walk you through the life of Jimmy Keene, a former high school football legend who was a son of a respected police officer. But in the sad turn of events, he was charged with involvement in drug dealing and later was convicted for it. As the sentence should be for any drug dealer, he got a 10-years sentence and will be housed in a minimum-security prison. 

However, he was offered a choice that hardly anyone had ever received. Jimmy was asked if he would want to serve a full term without any chance of parole or settle in the maximum-security prison only to become friends with the dangerous suspected killer, Larry Hall. He needs to get a full confession out of his mouth for his crimes and for that, Jimmy will receive a shorter sentence for that. The only threat that existed was that his life would be in danger for that.

Black Bird Release Date
Black Bird Release Date

So, what will happen? Will he get the confession? Or Larry will catch Jimmy’s gameplay? We need to watch it to find out more.

Black Bird Cast

British icon Taron Egerton who is famous for playing the lead in biopics such as that of Elton John will be playing the lead, Jimmy Keene. To accompany him in this crazy journey, Paul Walter Hauser will be playing the serial killer, Larry Hall. Larry was playing Horace in the Cruella movie and is loved by all for his amazing acting skills.

Other famous actors who will be seen in Black Bird are Sepideh Moafi (Notorious), Greg Kinnear  (House of Cards), and even Ray Liotta (Goodfellas and Marriage Story). There might be other characters who will have impactful roles. But as of now, we have these names. 

Did Apple TV+ Release Black Bird Trailer? 

No, Apple TV+ didn’t release any trailer but it is expected to drop one soon for giving insights about the series. So, fans are excited to get a glimpse of what’s coming next. 

If you haven’t got an Apple subscription yet, then pay £4.99 per month and watch this exclusive show. The unique thriller will be released in just a few months and it is expected to provide an award-worthy performance. Let’s keep our fingers crossed. 


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