Psaki Decries Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s ‘Publicity Stunt’ Plan to Bus Immigrants to DC

Good things are happening at The While House on Thursday. The Biden administration canceled the plans of Greg Abbott to bus illegal immigrants across Texas. The White House slammed the announcement made by the Texas governor and labeled it as a “publicity stunt.” As a matter of fact, the plan was to bus illegal immigrants who were caught trespassing into the United States to Washington DC.

Very recently, the plans to remove Title 42 were announced and after this announcement by the Texas governor, Jen Psaki, the Press secretary of the house was asked by Peter Doocy of Fox News about the plans for the migrants. In her response, she said, “I’m not aware of what authority the governor would be doing that under. I think it’s pretty clear this is a publicity stunt”.

She even acknowledged how the office of the governor also admits that a migrant can only be transported voluntarily. Besides, the government also confirmed that he has no authority to force it upon them as the immigration laws of the United States lie with the federal government and not the state government.

What’s the Announcement All About?

Greg Abbott shared his plans regarding the migrants in a press conference on Wednesday. He stated the plan is to relocate the overwhelming numbers of migrants that are being dropped off by the Biden administration. He mentioned he wants to provide charter buses to ensure the safe relocation of the hordes of illegal migrants who are entering Mexico. He said, “We are sending them to the US capital where the Biden admin will be more immediately able to address the needs of the people who come across our border.”  

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His plan is to drop off these migrants at the very step of the US Capitol building as the Biden administration has been constantly dumping a large number of migrants not only down the border but also in the cities. This in turn is causing more difficulties for the migrants as they are having to face challenges that they are not capable of dealing with.

In one of the statements, he also mentioned how the White House is already putting migrants on buses to send to San Antonio. He proposes a better idea rather than sending them to San Antonio, he wants them to ride all the way to Washington DC.

Psaki Decries Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s ‘Publicity Stunt’ Plan to Bus Immigrants to DC
Psaki Decries Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s ‘Publicity Stunt’ Plan to Bus Immigrants to DC

What Do Others Have to Say About the Decision?

When the chief of Texas’s Division of Emergency Management, Nim Kidd was asked what he thinks how many buses would be required to properly carry out the plan. Now, he said the state will provide as many as required to deploy the scheme. He even pointed out how previously as many as 900 buses were called to tackle disasters and how the state ensured seamless management.  

In the press conference, Kidd said “The long answer is in past disasters we have pulled up to 900 buses for evacuations. We will use as many buses as we need to follow the governor’s direction to get this done.”

We have seen some mixed statements from Abbott previously as well. In one of the statements on April 1, he called out Title 42 to be ‘reckless’. Also, he mentioned how the open border policies have forced the state to take drastic measures like sending out more than 10,000 Texas National Guard members and Department of Public Safety troopers for arresting the migrants on the border.

On Wednesday however, Greg Abbott had a different thing to say. According to him, when the Biden administration cancels Title 42, it can lead to an influx of as many as 18,000 illegal migrants every day, accounting for 500,000 in a month. While saying this, he even pointed out how Homeland Security Chief Jeh Johnson of the Obama era claimed that when 100,000 migrants are crossing the border in a month, it can be called a crisis in all circumstances.

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