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Trump Jr.’s Text Shows Ideas to Overturn the 2020 Election

The 2020 U.S. election was one of the vital moments in world politics. Current President of the U.S. Joe Biden was running against former President Donald Trump. And the Trump government tried ways to stay in power. In a CNN exclusive, it was revealed that Trump Jr. had sent a text to Mark Meadows, the then-White House chief of staff. The text read as “we have operational control” and this clearly hints that he was trying to make sure that his father Donald Trump should return for the second term.

What Did the Texts of Trump Jr. Reveal?

The text thread had made some interesting reveals. It highlighted many different ideas rather, than ways of ensuring that his father Donald Trump stays in power. Trump Jr. had suggestions about bringing down the Electoral College process. The texts were gathered by the House select committee who are trusted with investigating the entire thing. 

“It’s very simple,” Trump Jr. mentioned to Meadows on November 5, and proceeded, “We have multiple paths We control them all.” 

These texts were exchanged just two days before the big moment of Joe Biden’s presidentship happened. It was suggesting different strategies that the team Donald Trump was executing through misinformation regarding the whole election fraud. Besides, the November texts details everything such as filing lawsuits, advocating recounts, and also, “having a handful of Republican statehouses put forward slates of fake Trump electors.” 

You can also consider:

In case, all of this fails then the lawmakers present in Congress can dismiss all the electoral results and this can reinstate Trump as the President of the United States for the second time.

We have operational control Total leverage,” it continues, “Moral High Ground POTUS must start 2nd term now.”

Alan S. Futerfas, who is the lawyer to Trump Jr. also commented on the situation and said to CNN, “After the election, Don received numerous messages from supporters and others. Given the date, this message likely originated from someone else and was forwarded.”

Why Was This House Investigating Committee Implemented in the First Place?

January 6th, 2021, was a Black Day in American history since thousands of Trump supporters vandalized the Capitol. It is believed to be Trump’s desperate effort to change the results of the election. The vandalization continued to disrupt the certification process for the presidential election.

Trump Jr.’s Text Shows Ideas to Overturn the 2020 Election

This entire mess even led to the death of five individuals and all the US Congress members who were present in the Capitol were evacuated immediately. So, to investigate the roots and causes of the entire situation, the House investigating committee was appointed. They are actively finding out the truth. In fact, even Ivanka Trump, the daughter of Donald Trump, and Jared Kushner, her husband were summoned. They shared virtual testimonies.

Besides, Ali Alexander who is famously known as a conservative activist and also the founder of the “Stop the Steal” movement was provided with a subpoena. He is required to give testimony in front of the federal grand jury.

Alexander’s attorney even stated that the subpoena asked for information regarding the “Save America Rally” which was also hosted as well as led by Women for America First, a pro-Trump non-profit organization. He said, “I did nothing wrong and I am not in possession of evidence that anyone else had plans to commit unlawful acts,” “I denounce anyone who planned to subvert my permitted event and the other permitted events of that day on Capitol grounds to stage any counterproductive activities.”

Now, with the texts coming to public light, it is sure that the plan to overturn the results of the election started even before Joe Biden was declared the winner on 7th November 2020. On 5th November, the campaign officials of Trump even filed a lawsuit that suggested: “stop the counting of illegal votes”.

Now, these texts can become key elements to finding the link between Trump’s inner circle with the Capitol’s attack. As the investigation is going on, it is still early to say if Trump and his officials had any involvement with it. Sources claim that many measures were taken to affect the election’s result. But slowly, all the details are coming out. After the investigation is completed, the final findings will be declared to the public.  

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