The Rental Movie Ending Explained: What Really Happened?

Streaming on Netflix, Dave Franco’s upcoming AirBnB horror film The Rental movie is just in time to keep you from booking a Memorial Day vacation.

The Rental is Dave Franco’s feature film directorial debut, and the script he co-wrote with Joe Swanberg was originally published on video-on-demand by IFC Films in July 2020. The film was a big hit on VOD when it first came out and was hailed as a terrifying and tight horror thriller by critics at the time.

The Rental movie is now available to stream for free on Netflix if you don’t want to pay the digital rental fee. If the film gets a “Netflix boost,” it will attract a new audience of viewers who haven’t quite grasped the film’s meaning yet.

No worries, Decider has your back—we’re here to help! Continue reading for a synopsis of The Rental’s story and an explanation of how the film ends.

The Rental Movie Explained
The Rental Movie Explained

What is the Summary of the Netflix Movie About Rentals? Summary of the plot of the film “Rental”

Getting started with The Rental movie is a breeze: For a weekend escape, two couples decide to split the cost of an Airbnb near the coast. You have Michelle (Alison Brie), Charlie (Dan Stevens), Mina (Sheila Vand), and Josh (Jeremy Allen White), Charlie’s coworker and Mina’s boyfriend.

Mina’s first impression of Airbnb host Taylor is one of distrust (Toby Huss). Despite her best efforts, she was unable to secure the property, but Charlie was accepted right away. Charlie dismisses her concerns that the host may have used a racial slur because of her Middle Eastern surname. In no time at all, we find that Charlie and Mina share a “unique bond.” While Josh is apprehensive about the situation, Michelle seems completely unfazed. that is until she learns that Charlie has cheated on both of his previous relationships.

Charlie and Mina end up having sex in the shower after Michelle decides to go to bed rather than participate in the drug party with the rest of the group. That was a snap! The next day, Charlie and Mina vow to keep their affair a secret from their loved ones and to never reveal that they cheated on them. However, when taking a shower by herself, Mina discovers a camera mounted on the showerhead. What they did was seen by someone who is keeping an eye on them.

Rather than calling the police, Charlie persuades Mina not to do so, arguing that the film will then be seen by Michelle and Josh. Mina and Josh both question the show’s host, Taylor, about his missing dog when he arrives to fix the hot tub later. Taylor insists he has no prior experience with either the dog or the camera in question. Mina tries to stop Taylor from calling the cops. While Taylor was beating Mina, Josh rushed in and brutally beat Taylor to death, thinking he was attacking Mina.

Mina reveals the camera to the others, but she keeps a lid on the infidelity. A masked assailant enters the house while everyone is outdoors and smothers Taylor to death. That disguised assassin has been monitoring them all along, as Taylor insisted.

They presume Josh accidentally murdered Taylor when they find out he had died. He doesn’t want his brother Charlie to end up back in jail, so Charlie doesn’t call the police. While Taylor’s death should be portrayed as an accident, Charlie suggests that they toss Taylor’s body off an embankment. Even though the others are taking care of the body, Michelle refuses to join in the cover-up. Michelle is home alone when she hears the shower faucet open. She is drawn into a room by the sound of running water, where she discovers Charlie and Mina having sex on camera.

How Is the End of The Rental Defined?

The masked figure pursues Charlie, Josh, and Mina as they make their way back to the house. Michelle admits to Charlie that she watched the video and takes it out in the only vehicle she has. Michelle smashes into a tree when she hits a spike strip that wasn’t there when they entered the parking lot. The masked assailant appears outside her window shortly after she sends a distress call to Charlie.

To save her, Charlie rushes to the scene, where he finds the woman’s corpse. As a result of the mystery assailant killing him, he is also murdered. To retrieve Taylor’s videotape, Josh and Mina break into an unlocked cellar under the deck of the house and search for a computer, hard drive, or router. In the shower, Josh and Mina have some sex, and Charlie texts Josh from his phone to show him the footage.

When Josh hears someone enter the house, he hurries to fight him thinking it’s Charlie. The masked assailant attacks and kills him. While trying to get away from the house, Mina slips and falls off a cliff, ending up in the water. Watching her fall, he calmly returns to the house and gathers all of his surveillance equipment: camera showerhead, audio devices in light switches and plants, and lastly the router and hard drive concealed within the ceiling. He leaves her body in the street. He takes off his mask in front of the bathroom mirror, but we can’t see his face. The dog survived, too! The dog, on the other hand, was spared.

The final shot shows a mysterious individual installing surveillance devices in a new house. He shows us a glimpse of his new apartment’s television before the credits begin to roll. Renters cook, type, hang out, sleep, and have sex in their Airbnbs, as is standard practice.

When you rent an apartment in the future, you may feel as if someone is following you around the clock. People like this man and others like him exist, but we don’t know why they do what they do.

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