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Duff: Ace of Taste Release Date Status and Latest Updates

The ‘Ace of Cakes’ fame, Duff Goldman is getting another culinary show of his own. He has been tempting the viewers all this while with his delectable desserts. But now, the pastry chef is venturing into the world of savory dishes. His latest series, Duff: Ace of Taste will make you hungry as this chef knows pretty well how to work with his knives.

Who Is Duff Goldman?

Duff Goldman became famous after making multiple appearances in different shows and even had a show completely exhibiting his skills. His ‘Ace of Cakes’ show was an instant hit amongst all sorts of audiences. He made some of the best desserts throughout his air time. This celebrity chef became a primetime television personality after displaying his impeccable desserts. He was often seen sharing the spotlight with his friend Buddy Valastro in shows like ‘Buddy vs. Duff’ and was a prominent co-host of the show, ‘Kids Baking Championship’. In ‘Ace of Cakes’, many prominent decorators of the industry accompanied him. Well, he has been a notable figure in the industry since he closely worked with the Food Network for many years. With the new show, the expectations are set quite high.

Duff Ace Of Taste

What Is Ace of Taste About?

Yet another Food Network show that Goldman truly deserved. The best news is that Goldman will have the show all to himself as he will not share this space with his fellow industry mates. Goldman is excited about his new show and the Charm City Cakes owner made an Instagram announcement saying that he got his ‘very own kitchen show’. As a matter of fact, you can see occasional visits of wife Johnna Goldman as well as beloved daughter Josephine in the show. 

 “I’ve wanted to have a real cooking show forever. #AceOfTaste is basically me cooking for Josephine and @johnnapgoldmnan.” So, what recipes will he mainly focus on?

 Well, you can expect to see more baking and cooking especially, amazing breakfast ideas, snacks, dinners, lunches, and of course, how can he miss desserts? He emphasized the fact that these recipes are extremely easy to prepare and quite tasty. Be it tiny finger foods that he usually prefers during his daughter’s tea parties or a delicious cheeseburger that he prepares when his bandmates visit him, you will get ideas for every occasion.

 It is far from being a crowd-pleasing show but rather a series for every homeowner. Goldman even issued a statement that read, “Cooking savory foods can be just as creative and surprising as baking and pastry,” “Audiences have seen me break down baking science into plain English on the ‘Baking Championships,’ and that is exactly what I do with cooking on ‘Duff: Ace of Taste’ — and the food is super good! Now, instead of just eating food and telling you what I think about a dish, I actually get to show you how I like to make it.” So, a show like this that had such a personal touch was definitely needed.

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When Will Duff: Ace of Taste Arrive on Food Network? More Details Revealed

The date is fixed as Duff: Ace of Taste will be debuting on 24th April 2022. It will be airing every Sunday, as a result, making this the perfect daytime show for a family. Triage Entertainment has produced it and the show has booked the time slot of 12 p.m. ET.PT. There will be only six fulfilling episodes and each will be half an hour long. You will get to know about the tips to make your kitchen tasks smoother.

The President of the Food Network and Streaming Food Content, Courtney White was excited to make this reveal and said, “Viewers have been in awe of Duff Goldman’s cake artistry and dessert expertise in primetime. Now, we are thrilled for viewers to see him share his culinary skills in Food Network’s ‘in the kitchen’ programming lineup,” “Viewers will enjoy seeing a more personal side of Duff in the kitchen.”

Thus, you will get to learn from the best about the ways to impress your family and friends with food. From 24th April onwards, start preparing meals that will be tasty, healthy, and still feel like comfort food. Ready to jump into a delicious journey? 

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