7+ Best Anime About Studying That You Need to Watch

It is the era of anime and fans worldwide love it as it taps into every different genre. Be it fantasy or about supernatural creatures, an anime truly displays all sorts of emotions. It is wrong to think an anime is for children. Well, it is packed with suffering, pain, death, sexuality, and much more. Some of the popular anime is about supernatural creatures, demons, ninjas, and other similar niches. But these topics all incorporate everyday scenes like studying and attending school. In this article, we will be focusing on 7+ Best Anime About Studying That You Need to Watch:

1. Classroom of Elite

Seiji Kishi along with Hiroyuki Hashimoto directed this with a unique vision. Aoi Akashiro has written the script for the show and it is originally inspired by Shogo Kinugasa’s light novel having the same name. As the story goes, the viewers will be transported to the future and it is set in Tokyo Metropolitan Advanced Nurturing School. The Japanese government operates this school with the motive of shaping students who can contribute to the future for the country’s purposes. As a matter of fact, this institution offers a lot of freedom to its students. 

2. Hyouka

Who knew that a 2012 mystery thriller anime can be so impactful? The manga series is the work of Taskohna which was even adapted from Honobu Yonezawa’s mystery novel that was released on 31st October 2001. So, in 2012, director Yasuhiro Takemoto decided on showcasing his artwork through an anime adaptation. The fans see Hotaro Oreki being a part of the classic literature club of Kamiyama High School located on Gifu. Interesting fact, the creator of this series is from Gifu and so, it makes perfect sense. His sole reason to join the club was to keep the request of his older sister as this club was about to be abolished. Other members namely Satoshi Fukube, Mayaka Ibara as well as Eru Chitanada will also join him. 

Best Anime About Studying
Best Anime About Studying

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3. Denpa Kyoushi

The old storyline is always gold. Denpa Kyoushi is also known as Otaku Teacher which is a manga by Takeshi Azuma. Later, director Masato Sato and writer Atsushi Maekawa made it an anime in 2015 to show the beauty of the life of Junichiro Kagami. Suzune, his sister, isn’t fond of the fact that Kagami isn’t interested in things going on in the real world. Ultimately, he was forced to be a physics teacher substitute in the school where studied. So, it is quite an interesting story!

4. My Hero Academia

The modern-day hit anime series from the director, Kenji Nagasaki, and even Masahiro Mukai, shows a fictional world where a maximum percentage of humans have superpowers famously known as ‘Quirks’. Yosuke Kuroda has shown adept skills in writing the storyline where students attend schools to learn their superpowers. Later, they become the protector of their nation. The series is currently due for season 6.

5. Little Witch Academia

Little Witch Academia has become a known name because of its multiple adaptations. Yoh Yoshinari has made a Japanese anime series out of the protagonist who is a young girl aiming to be a witch. She becomes a part of Luna Nova Magical Academy after spotting a witch named Shiny Chariot. However, Atsuko Akko Kagari doesn’t have any magical power until she finds a magical relic. It later got two films and the latest achievement was a video game of its own.

6. The Royal Tutor

Higasa Akai’s 2013 manga has led to the creation of this 12-episode anime, The Royal Tutor. The story revolves around the plot in which Heine Wittgenstein was invited by the King to the royal palace of Glanzerich. He was invited to be the royal teacher of four young princes. And later, one of them will be given the crown. As all the teachers have resigned by now, it’s interesting to see if Heine will survive.

7. Rokudenashi

A 2017 series that Minato Kazuto has directed, Taro Hitsuji’s light novel was primarily released in 2014. You will see Sistine Fibel and Rumia Tingle studying in a popular magical academy to solve the hidden mysteries surrounding the Sky Castle. It was Sistine’s grandfather’s last wish and she wants to fulfill it. Thus, this will take you on a supernatural journey.

8. Kare Kano

When a 1996 manga gets a Japanese TV series, you need to watch it. Hideaki Anno has directed and written the series for television. The audience will be introduced to Yukino Miyazawa, a student who everyone is jealous of due to her academic skills and perfect appearance. We will also get to know about Soichiro Arima and things get intense from here.

9. Great Teacher Onizuka

As old as the time can get, Great Teacher Onizuka was released on television on 7th July 1998. Even after many decades, it remains a classic. The manga has over 50 million sales and also bagged many awards. The story focuses on an ex-gang member, Eikichi Onizuka who is also a 22-year old virgin. Onizuka is looking forward to dating a girl who he met at a shopping mall. The story will make you sit through the entire series because it’s so interesting.

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