How Did Mr Krabs Die? Is Patrick The Murderer?

The trial that happened for solving the mystery of the murder of Mr Krabs. After SpongeBob’s infamous activities came to light, fans were guessing the murderer to be Patrick. But now that the trial has intensified things and the topic soon became a topic on the internet. Fans are still seeking answers to the question, ‘how did Mr Krabs die?’ Let’s uncover more.

Mr Krabs: Who Is He?

SpongeBob SquarePants is one of the most well-known franchises in the cartoon industry. And you can categorize Eugene H Krabs to be a popular name among the ten major characters in this cartoon. We all know Mr Krabs to be the red crab that makes us laugh. He lives with his young whale daughter, Pearl in the anchor. He later founded the restaurant Krusty Krab and hired SpongeBob and Squidward as the employees. So, he was quite the popular character in the storyline.

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What Led To The Death Of Mr Krabs?

It is suspected that Mr Krabs was murdered cold-bloodedly. Though the reason for his death is still unclear, Mr Krabs was lying dead in the restaurant he owns named Krusty Krab restaurant. It was also stated that his throat was slashed and cut. In fact, a metal spatula has been used to murder this innocent soul.

Such a gruesome act has made the fans teary-eyed. The cause of the murder and the murderer are still unknown. But fans have their own theory. Now, the murder weapon, the metal spatula has certain fingerprints that can lead us to the murderer. As of now, we know that the spatula contains fingerprints of Mr Krabs himself, SpongeBob, as well as Squidward. So, the suspense keeps getting higher as fans are getting restless to bring justice to the innocent Mr Krabs.

How Did Mr Krabs Die
How Did Mr Krabs Die

Who Is The Murderer Of Mr Krabs?

The list of suspects was unending. Initially, Patrick was suspected of murder since he was present at the Krusty Krab restaurant for four hours. However, it was shown that after several investigations, he was set free because he affirmed that he was not involved. Even fans believe that Patrick is innocent as it can be anyone between SpongeBob, Squidward, and Plankton.

Amongst the three, there are high suspicions about SpongeBob as well as Plankton. As a matter of fact, Plankton always tried to harm Mr Kraby’s beloved restaurant, and what better reason can there be than this?

Also, SpongeBob was an employee in the restaurant as you know. But he never got the raise he deserved. So, there is a motive for SpongeBob to kill his employer who pays less attention to his well-being.

What Are The Pieces Of Evidence Of Mr Krab’s Murder?

There is a couple of pieces of evidence that either SpongeBob or Plankton might have killed Mr Krabs. Or can it be a joint plan of both? Firstly, SpongeBob fingerprints were found in the spatula. Next, only after a few days of the murder, Mr Krab’s recipes were out for sale by Plankton. Besides, Plankton cleared SpongeBob’s loan claiming that he had done it purely out of good intentions. Therefore, it’s clear that SpongeBob and Plankton are involved in this.

Moreover, many witnesses stated in their testimony that they had seen SpongeBob visiting the Krusty Krabs just two hours before the discovery of Mr Krab’s dead body. Another turning point was the statement of Patrick who stated that Mr Krab claimed that this is the last time he is selling burgers and he won’t be doing that again. So, a lot of elements are there that need to be investigated further.

Fans are eager to find out the actual murder. Even though it is a cartoon, it is pretty close to everyone’s heart. Later Mrs Krabs, the beloved wife of the late Mr Krab was also dead. There were no shreds of evidence that can link it to murder but things need to be sorted. Thus, stay tuned to know finally about the truth of the death!


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